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Hematite - Meaning and Effect

Hematite donates vitality, willpower and joie de vivre and is thus an ideal companion for the first weeks of the year. The silvery shining stone also directs our gaze to our basic needs and the improvement of our own life situation, so that we can free ourselves from unnecessary ballast right at the beginning of the year.

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Mineralogical profile of hematite

Chemical Formula: Fe2O3

Mineral Class: Oxide

Origin: multiple origins: hydrothermal, sedimentary, commercially mostly metamorphic

Color:, black metallic, steel gray

Glossiness: metallic luster

Crystal system: trigonal

Coar hardness: 6 to 6.5

cleavability: no cleavage, conchoidal fracture, flaky

occurrence, main supplying countries
: Brazil, USA, Australia, Sweden, Norway, England, Morocco, Russia

: Mostly as dense, solid masses; kidney-shaped, shell-like structure in "glass head"

Hematite is not only the most important iron ore, but also a great gemstone! When Hematite is processed, the grinding water turns blood red - and from the Greek word "hemateios" = "bloody" Hematite has its name.

Hematite has been very important for the development of life on earth: The mineral occurs in very large quantities as banded iron ore. This was formed when iron dissolved in the oceans reacted with oxygen to form Hematite about 2 - 3.5 billion years ago and was deposited on the ocean floor. When the iron was completely bound in the Hematite, oxygen was able to accumulate in the Earth's atmosphere. New creatures that breathed oxygen were able to evolve. This banded iron ore is an important raw material needed for the production of iron, which is needed in cars, in tools, nails and many other things. Take a look around your neighborhood and notice how many things contain iron - at least in small amounts!

The mining of red chalk, a naturally occurring mixture of clay and Hematite, was probably man's oldest mining activity. Paleolithic red chalk pits have been found by archaeologists at various sites in Europe. Rubella was used as paint for body and cave paintings and for decorating ceramic vessels.

Beier Mars expedition in February 2004, the search for Hematite on this distant planet was an important goal. Since hematite is usually formed by the contact of iron with was ser, scientists view the occurrence of hematite as an important indication of the presence of fluids on Mars.

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Astrology uses Hematite to strengthen the life force of Pisces and Libra-born.

In gemstone wellness and gemstone massages, Hematite is used because of its stimulating effect.