Over 40 years on the market + own production in China and Indonesia


Update on online home show in March 2020:

3% discount is possible for payment methods SEPA direct debit immediately (only within Germany) or prepayment from EU countries. No discount is applied to payments by credit card or Paypal.

Within Germany we ship from 250 € net value of goods free of shipping costs, our low international rates you can find here in the country overview.

12 + 3 = 15

This simple calculation works for every in-house exhibition: From 500 € net value of goods you get 12% house fair discountt on all discountable items. And if you pay cash, with ec-card or SEPA direct debit immediately, you receive on the total invoice amount an additional 3% discount! So in total you can get up to 15% discount on our low wholesale prices!

If your home show purchase is between $100 and $500, you will receive a 3% home show discount.

At the open house, bargains can also always be found - whether in silver jewelry, decorative large pieces or other goods. For these selected items, the regular wholesale prices are reduced by up to 50%. On these then already significantly reduced prices, you will not receive any further discount. Excluded from the in-house discount are articles from other companies (e.g. Farfalla, Sambol, VitaJuwel), CDs, DVDs, mineral cards, books and other printed products as well as silver components for jewelry. printed products, and silver findings for jewelry design. The open house discount cannot be combined with other discounts, such as the loyalty discount.