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Spring Sale opening hours - Spring Sale Days in Easterwood


Thursday, March 18, 2021: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Friday, March 19, 2021: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 20, 2021: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, March 21, 2021: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.



Free Advance Registration


Due to the current situation, the regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg for restrictions on customers related to the sales areas and of course to protect our customers and employees, we unfortunately have to limit the number of customers per day. We ask for your understanding and are looking forward to welcoming you personally. Registration by phone, email or fax is unfortunately not possible.


Here you can book your ticket for the Spring Sale 2021 fast, easy and free of charge 


Please bring masks! In all enclosed areas and in the tents there is the obligation to wear a FFP2 or surgical mask. For the protection of all visitors and the team, we can unfortunately deviate from the requirements of the Corona regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg regarding hygiene, distance and mask obligation.


Your benefits of attending Spring Sales 2021

+ 12% spring discount from 500 € net value of goods on all discountable items (not combinable with the loyalty discount)

+ current novelties that we show for the first time for the Spring Sale, e.g. amethyst from Brazil, minerals from Afghanistan and Pakistan, chain strands


+ more sales area and thus even greater selection through the tents in the front courtyard

+ Bargains and reduced individual items that are only available in direct sales in the Easterwood

+personal advice by the staff on site and Monika Grundmann


+ see, feel, try, e.g. which chain strands can be combined well and how do the massage stones of Lapis Vitalis feel


+ collect points in the Mole Savings Book and thereby secure merchandise credit and profit opportunities


+ relaxed also on Saturday and Sunday shopping


March 18, 2021: Welcome to the Spring Sale 2021 in Ludwigsburg!

The tents are well filled with new items from all over the world, the sun is slowly breaking through the clouds - let's go!

We look forward to seeing you at Easterwood! Please bring your mole savings book and mask! 

If you haven't booked a ticket for your desired day yet, decide quickly now and book your ticket for the Spring Sale 2021 here quickly, easily and free of charge! 


March 17, 2021: Ti - here the spirits divide!

New to the Spring Sale 2021: titanium vaporized items!

Small pieces of druse and amethyst heads emerged from the Brazil container, and titanium vaporization gave them a colorful, iridescent finish. A bit garish, but also kind of beautiful!

For the jewelry designers among our customers, in continuation of Aqua Aura and Angel Aura, titanium vaporized silver aura quartz is now available as chain strands in various sizes. Very elegant!

And who prefers "pure nature" - how about Anatas (TiO2) as a crystal in matrix from the Shigar Valley in Northern Pakistan? 

From a stone healing point of view, titanium is an exciting element - after all, it is highly valued for its uplifting effect. Also sincerity and independence is strengthened by titanium.

P.S.: We asked again: In the chain strands, the titanium layer is very discreet and therefore appears silver-gray; the bright colors are created by thicker layers of titanium. 


March 16, 2021: Beautiful, beautiful, Caribbean calcite!

After a bit of a forced pause at the airport in Istanbul, the airfreight from Pakistan finally arrived this morning. With so much new, exciting merchandise, even the boss is helping to unpack it ;-)

Besides Lapis specimens, we (and also many customers) have been eagerly waiting for the Caribbean calcite. And it was worth the wait, wasn't it?



March 16, 2021: It's a tree!

The mysterious package from Saturday has since been unwrapped: it's a tree! Made of amethyst!

Also other fantastic amethyst druses on stands have meanwhile seen the light of day again after the long journey from Brazil to the Osterholz. 

And for those who like it a little smaller and are enthusiastic about the varied drawings of agate - how about a polished lace or a heart!


March 15, 2021: Spring discount, cash discount and savings


In addition to lots of new merchandise and the sales area expanded by the tents in the front courtyard, there are of course discounts and percentages for customers who come to Ludwigsburg for the Spring Sale!

+ 12% Spring Discount from a net purchase value of €500 on all discountable items


+ 3% discount for the payment methods direct debit immediately, cash or ec-card


+ For every 100 € net purchase value, one stamp into the Mole savings book 

So pack your passbook with your shopping list right away! If you forget your passbook at home, we will gladly issue you a new one. At the next visit then simply bring both passbooks so that we can collate them.


March 13, 2021: Amethyst, amethyst, amethyst ?!

Unscrew boxes, open boxes, unpack, unwrap, foil gone, paper of course - uffz!

In addition to popular classics such as mineral flats and decorative stones, many beautiful unique pieces, one-of-a-kinds and small lots come out of the Brazil container. Mainly amethyst, but also agate and calcite have come to light so far.

And let's see what kind of stone this tree-like structure will probably be made of... 

We're excited and continue to unpack!

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, please register here as a new customer!



March 12, 2021: No rain :-)

The weather forecast for Ludwigsburg today was not so sparkling, but fortunately the sun was shining again today when the long-awaited container from Brazil arrived. Many thanks to Mr. Bauer from our forwarding agency in Hamburg, who did a bit of magic and a lot of work - so the container arrived today, even though the ship only arrived in Hamburg the day before yesterday.

Now it takes a bit until the huge boxes, crates and pallets are unloaded, then it goes on with the unpacking. Pictures will follow, of course!



March 12, 2021: That's got to go so they can get in there!

Grrrr! There is actually still a car in the front yard this morning! That must go away there!

Afterwards the tent builders of company Fischer come and put up the big tent; there the car must be gone then. Otherwise, the tents can not be built - and they are urgently needed for the many new things. The beautiful pendants with baroque pearl and Shiva shell hearts need yes  not so much space, but today still comes the container from Brazil...


March 11, 2021: Beautiful!

Just as I'm marking it down: A small batch of jewelry with Tourmaline (Watermelon)!

Meanwhile, the discs in the international trade are usually sold and bought by carat; we could still from an old stock with cheap discs these pendants made of gold-plated silver 925. A real bargain!


March 09, 2021: Let's take a close look:

If you look very closely in the goods receiving area, you can see it very clearly: 

The structures and rings in the petrified wood! This conifer from the genus Araucaria stood on the gem island of Madagascar about 230 million years ago, before the organic material gradually weathered away and was replaced by quartz.

A lot of wood is currently on display in the receiving area, where a shipment from Madagascar is being sorted, weighed and labeled - then for the Spring Sale, you'll find Lieblingsstück Petrified Wood in the big tent in the front yard.

If you are not yet a customer at our wholesale minerals, gems and jewelry store, please register as a new customer here!




March 08, 2021: Quite a hassle!

At the end of last week, pictures reached us from the Charoite find spot, our stone of the month for March. What looks so idyllic at first glance, presents a major logistical challenge: the nearest road is about 1000km away, the nearby rivers are only navigable to a limited extent; the rough stones are transported either by helicopter or very laboriously overland until they can be loaded and transported to the cutting plants.

At the Spring Sale you will finddrilled stone pieces, Tumbled Stones, Chain Strands and Massage Stones made of Charoite sorted alphabetically in their respective sections. You can find info about Charoite here on our website. 


March 05, 2021: Colorful stones for dull days!

On such' dull days as today with gray skies and permanent rain drizzle just have to get some colors! How nice that we have received from Pakistan and Afghanistan some beautiful, colorful minerals:


Ruby, Sphene, Topaz, Peridote, Aquamarine and other treasures are already there and waiting to be set up in the showcases next to the coffee machine, still on the way are among others bright yellow Bruscite and intense blue Lapis Lazuli. 


February 26, 2021: Not petty at all...

...are these beautiful new bracelets of sunny Citrine and bright blue Larimar. 


February 24, 2021: Caging in Easterwood ?!?

Naturally not ;-)

We just got lots of beautiful animal engravings, so it's still a bit tight for the dogs at the moment. But with these beautiful handmade gemstone dogs, there will certainly be space soon, if the quadrupeds a new home have found a new home. The same applies, of course, for dolphins, turtles, owls and other animals! 

You will not find the engravings to choose individually in our webshop, but from now on in the basement of the mineral store.

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


February 19, 2021: Spring can come!

In nature looks's at the moment not yet as if the meteorological beginning of spring on March 1 is already within reach - but with us the spring has already moved in! New bracelets and necklace strands in bright, fresh spring colors have arrived, e.g. Rose Quartz extra, Andean Opal, Larimar and Amazonite.

And brand new: bright yellow Heliodor! The gemstone fits perfectly into the season not only in terms of color, but also from the steinheilkundlichen effect assignment: farsighted planning, without being inflexible as well as stability and peaceableness are the application areas of the yellow beryl.

Some of the new gemstone strands can already be found in the web store, the rest will follow after the Spring Sale, if there is any merchandise left then.



February 18, 2021: Anatas ?!?

Do you know anatase, also called octahedral Tourmaline (black)?

This exciting mineral reached us with a shipment of various minerals from Pakistan and Afghanistan. In addition to Ruby, Titanite, Peridote, Aquamarine and "normal" black tourmaline, the shipment also included a small batch of black Anatase from Baluchistan. As a gemstone, anatase cannot be processed because the crystals are very brittle and have good cleavage - but nature is the best designer anyway!   


February 17, 2021: The ticket system is up and running 

As with last year's sale days, the number of visitors per day is limited. Therefore, secure your free ticket for your desired day now! From now on, tickets can be booked online here - simply log in with your access data for the webshop, select your desired day and you can already print out your ticket.



February 16, 2021: Amethyst balls :-)

Actually a classic in the mineral trade, but now hard to come by: Beautiful amethyst beads at affordable prices! We got hold of a nice batch of mostly dark purple spheres; for the Spring Sale, you'll find the amethyst spheres in the big Tent in the front courtyard.



February 15, 2021: Uffz! Lots of work!

What is so innocuously displayed here on a shopping cart in the warehouse still means a lot of work until the Spring Sale:

A lot of new chain strands, which we never had in our assortment before, have to be sifted, weighed, described, created as articles and finally labeled.

We're excited to see what the buying team has come up with in the grinding mills!