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Free pre-registration required to attend the Summer Sale!

Because of the current situation, the regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg for restrictions on customers related to the sales areas and of course for the protection of our customers and employees, we unfortunately have to limit the number of customers per day. We ask for your understanding and are very much looking forward to welcoming you in person. Registration via our website is very easy, fast and of course free of charge. Registration by phone, email or fax is unfortunately not possible.


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Please bring masks! In all closed rooms and in the tents there is obligation to wear a FFP2 or OP mask. For the protection of all visitors and the team, we can unfortunately, we cannot deviate from the requirements of the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg regarding hygiene, distance, and the obligation to wear a mask.

Opening Hours of the Summer Sale - Summer Sale Days at Osterholz

Thursday, June 24, 2021: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Friday, June 25, 2021: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday, June 26, 2021: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sunday, June 27, 2021: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Information about registration in english and French

Information d'inscription en francais et anglais


Your benefits of attending Summer Sales 2021

+ 12% summer discount from 500 € net value of goods on all discountable items (cannot be combined with the loyalty discount)

current novelties, which we show for the first time for the Summer Sale


+ sales area and thereby even larger selection through the tents on the front yard

+ bargains and reduced single items that are available only in direct sales in the Easterwood

+ personal advice from on-site staff and our co-exhibitors

see, feel, try, e.g. which chain strands can be combined well and how do the massage stones of Lapis Vitalis feel


+ Collect points in the Mole Savings Book and thereby secure merchandise credit and prize opportunities


+ relax even on Saturday and Sunday  shopping

+ Admission for specialty retailers and commercial customers



June 28, 2021: We are speechless!

The Summer Sale raised a total of €2044.57 for the exiled Tibetans cared for by Lama Tendar!

Through a Tibetan family living in Ludwigsburg, Germany, we were already able to forward the money to Lama Tendar unbureaucratically and without high international bank fees. The disbursement to the local people, all of whom Lama Tendar knows personally, has been already started.

And as announced: We doubled the amount!

Thank you for your donation at the Summer Sale.


June 24, 2021: The Summer Sale is open!

It's pleasantly cool, the tents and shelves are well stocked, and Company Berk is here too - the Summer Sale is ready to go!

We are looking forward to your visit!

You can find directions here 


June 24, 2021: Always follow your nose

Next to the Gallery of Earth, Berk - Inner Worlds awaits you with many bargains and clearance items. Just follow your nose to the "tent of fragrances"! 

And if it just rained, follow the signs on site: Out by the chain lines into the side yard and then turn right.

Important: Only cash payment is possible at the Berk company - if you are already on your way to us with your Summer Sale ticket and don't have any cash with you, then stop by briefly at Kaufland Ludwigsburg West (Schwieberdinger Straße 94). - there you can park comfortably and use the ATMs of the Sparkasse.


June 23, 2021: Zoe is here!

For the next few days, perfect Summer Sale weather is forecast: 

A good 20°, sunshine, blue sky with absorbent cotton clouds - thanks to high Zoe, the current weather is just right for relaxed shopping. And even a few raindrops on Friday won't bother us, because our big tents are sturdy and weatherproof! 


June 23, 2021: C (Carbon)

The word "Diamond" translates as "the indomitable" (from the Greek word "adamas"), because the stone is harder than any other natural material and consists of only one element: carbon (chemical formula: C). Only if all boundary conditions fit and the carbon, which is rare in the depths of the earth, is present, a Diamond can be formed. 

New arrivals for the Summer Sale: Dark brown and bright yellow Diamonds from South Africa! The highlight: The colors are natural; the diamonds were not - as is otherwise more common - heated.


June 22, 2021: All aboard, please!

Also Company Berk - Inner Worlds is in the final spurt for the Summer Sale: the truck is packed and soon it's "boarding please!" for numerous Buddhas and other statues and statuettes.

In the Summer Sale goes's then to the "Tent of fragrances" just always the nose after, the of course is again numerous incense with it. And of course lots of bargains!


June 22, 2021: Still some work to do!

In the large tent in the front courtyard, work is being done, set up and cleared away. Declared goal: The infrastructure is in place by noon!

Happily, it's not as hot today as it was yesterday, because we have to bring many tons of goods, e.g. amethyst druses, quartz geodes, salt lamps, Decoration Stones and more from the warehouse into the tent. 

And everything has to be ready on Thursday morning!


June 21, 2021: Soooooo Relaxed....

... today in Osterholz is really only the gentleman in the photo above. Everywhere it hums and buzzes and sounds on the site - the planting of the flower boxes with summer flowers is quite quiet, but the lift trucks with the pallets full of goods for the front marquee make a lot of noise, on the first floor of the mineral shop the floor is being polished up and of course the phone rings with the last questions about the Summer Sale.

If you haven't booked your desired day yet, please do so very quickly:

Just click here, then log in with customer number and zip code and select date - done! 

Unfortunately, registration by phone, email or fax is not possible; but if you have any technical problems, we will be happy to help!


June 18, 2021: Now it's getting serious!

Despite temperatures well above 30° and bright sunshine - the employees of the company Fischer Zeltverleih are energetically and in a good mood setting up the tents for the Summer Sale. In the front courtyard in front of the mineral shop is as always always the big tent with novelties, drilled stone parts, amethyst druses and bargains, next to the gallery of the earth the "tent of fragrances" of Company Berk - Inner Worlds is built up.

On Monday we will continue with tables, pallets, electricity - and of course lots of merchandise! 


June 17, 2021: Truly Imperial!


When you take a look at the new display cases on the ground floor of the mineral shop, it quickly becomes clear why the Imperial Topaz is also called the Imperial Topaz:

Such a beautiful colors, large crystals and interesting from a stone healing point of view: the message of the Imperial Topaz is the confident implementation of great plans. Just right after the exhausting and uncertain last months!

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but want to come to the Summer Sale? Then please register here as a new customerto be able to join the Summer Sale!


June 16, 2021: B for Boulderopal


B could also stand for colorful, desirable or enthusiasm or xxx, though, if you look at the new shipment of drilled opals that just arrived. From the far reaches of Australia the rough stones have been brought to a cutting shop where experienced hands and eyes of the cutters have coaxed the colorful interior out of the inconspicuous rough stones. Now the drilled boulder tops have arrived at the Osterholz and are being unpacked, sorted and labeled for next week's to sparkle in the big tent in the front courtyard for the Summer Sale. 



June 15, 2021: 900 in 750

Gold is certainly one of the most exciting minerals of all, because it consists of only one element and has a very banal structural formula: Au

But these two letters don't begin to reflect how fantastically beautiful our new gold pendants are!  In order to completely preserve the nugget's unique beauty and not damage it, each individual nugget has been cramped in a 750 Gold setting that holds the nugget securely in the pendant. For the nuggets, the fineness is around 900 - each piece is unique in size, shape, and just as fineness. The "icing on the cake": The nuggets are from the well-known gold discovery area Kalgoorlie (about 600km east of Perth in Southwest Australia) and were found by local prospectors with metal detectors found - so no environmentally damaging leaching of the nuggets from the rock. 


June 14, 2021: Brown sand?!


What looks like spice packets or sand at first glance turns out to be a special treasure at second glance:

Small Tumbled Stones made of Baltic natural Amber in various grain sizes and colors! Ideally suited, for example, for filling gemstone pillows or for Amber wraps! 

At the Summer Sale, you can find the small Ambers in the tent on the front courtyard.

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but want to come to the Summer Sale? Then please register here as a new customerto be able to join the Summer Sale!


June 11, 2021: Cheers - drink more gemstone water!

It's really starting to get summer - and we all need to make sure we drink enough water!

Then the delivery of goods from VitaJuwel came just in time, because with the new STRAW glass drinking straws the enjoyment of gemstone water, but also cocktails, juice spritzers and other drinks reaches a new dimension. 

Before the Summer Sale, you can order the new VitaJuwel STRAW here in our webshop.



June 10, 2021: Discount! Discount! Savings!

Saving on the Summer Sale - and here's how it works:

From a net purchase value of €500, you will receive 12% summer discount on all discountable goods during the Summer Sale. These include such popular items as chain strands, Water Stones, Tumbled Stones, gemstone hearts, designer jewelry and much more from our wholesale assortment. Excluded are only birthday bargains as well as articles from other companies (e.g. Farfalla, Sambol, VitaJuwel), CDs, DVDs, books and other printed products, Findings for jewelry design and other articles made of silver. The summer discount is exclusive from June 24-27, 2021 when visiting the Summer Sales in Ludwigsburg; it cannot be combined with the loyalty discount.


In addition to the summer discount, you will receive a 3% discount on the full invoice amount when paying by cash, ec-card or SEPA direct debit.

And please don't forget your Mole Savings Book to collect stamps and participate in the big raffle of shopping vouchers in autumn - more information here. If this is your first time visiting us at the Summer Sale, we'll be happy to issue you your own personal savings book!



June 08, 2021: Grüüüün! Malachite!

Our range with massage stones has grown: Reflex zone pens, Small Palmstones and Thumbstones made of Malachite have been in our program for some time, now beautifully grained Large Palmstones have arrived. At the moment they are still being unpacked and sorted, but for the Summer Sale Large Palmstones are then on sale!

And whoever wants to know why Malachite is especially suitable for gemstone massages for women and what the Venus Moon application is all about, is in the right place at the Summer Sale on the second floor of the mineral shop: there Monika Grundmann will advise on all Questions around the energy and application of the stones.



June 07, 2021: New showcases


As raw minerals, crystal specimens and animal engravings are becoming increasingly popular, we want to give these items more space and present them more clearly. Therefore we will rearrange the ground floor a little bit until the Summer Sale. um. 

The new display cases have just arrived, now it's time to unpack, clean and put them away.

You can find a small glimpse of the treasures here at the unique pieces in our webshop; in the exhibition the selection of even cheaper Pieces of course even much larger!

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but want to come to the Summer Sale? Then please register here as a new customerto be able to join the Summer Sale!



June 03, 2021: holiday rest

Holiday rest in Easterwood...

Fronleichnam is like in the whole south also in the Osterholz of course holiday quiet and the front yard lies deserted there.

It's hard to imagine that in three weeks the big tent will already be here, full of gemstone treasures from all over the world! And if the weather gets this good, all the new opals will sparkle beautifully too :-)


June 02, 2021: Yum!

What looks at first glance like a delicious oriental dessert, turns out to be an exciting mineral when you take a closer look: Barite!

From Morocco numerous barite specimens have arrived; besides the smaller pieces for the webshop also beautiful larger specimens - just delicious!

You can find more about this exciting mineral, e.g. the origin of the name, use in photography as well as stone healing here on our info page Barite.




May 31, 2021: The Little Surprises

If you stop by the goods receiving area, where a sea compartment from Hong Kong is just being unpacked, you will meet many "old acquaintances" again , e.g. Earstuds, chain strands and shells.

In addition to these ordered items from our standard wholesale assortment, there are always fantastic new items that we have never had before or at least not for a long time.

Current example are these beautiful apatite ball bracelets 😍😍😍😍😍😍 What a great color! Makes you feel much more motivated to get on with your work.



May 26, 2021: Firewood?!

Looking out the window, with the crisp temperatures, downpour and blustery winds, it might not be a bad idea to fire up the fireplace in Easterwood again...

But these pieces of wood are not meant for heating, they were the protection for some sensational amethysts from Brazil. As soon as these are fully unpacked, there will also be some pictures - promised!


May 21, 2021: This is top: new salt lamps!

A whole container of Alexander salt has arrived from Pakistan. In addition to the "normal" salt in the various grains and packages have come mainly new models salt lamps and salt tea lights.


In addition to the lamp with the salt tip, the model "fire bowl" and the yin-yang tea light catch the eye at first glance. For this salt tea light, salt from two different layers with different iron content was selected.



May 19, 2021: One, two, three - inventory (almost) over!

Over the past three weeks, we have been very busy counting all the merchandise in the mineral shop sales rooms, the Earth Gallery, in the shipping bins and on the pallets in the high rack.

We came across quite a bit of overstock, which we can offer you at the Summer Sale with up to 75% birthday discount. Since these are many small items, they are only available on site in Ludwigsburg during the Summer Sale and not in our webshop!




May 17, 2021: Invitation cards will be printed


Today the invitation cards for the Summer Sale went to print. If you already want to secure a ticket for your desired day, you can do this from now on quickly, easily and for free - just click here!

Unfortunately, registration by phone, email or fax is not possible. If you do not know your customer number, we will be happy to help you by phone at 07141 - 44 12 33 (Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm). Also on all invoices you will find on the top right your personal customer number. 

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but want to come to the Summer Sale? Then please register here as a new customer, to be able to join the Summer Sale!


April 21, 2021: The blue boxes are coming...


...because also the company Berk has confirmed their coming to the Summer Sale! In the blue boxes as always with it: numerous bargains and clearance items!

Don't forget: Order your desired items from Berk in time, the popular bring-along service for the catalog items of the Company Berk there is of course again!

Infos about the assortment of the company Berk with numerous articles from the area of incense and incense sticks, meditation accessories and spiritual art can be found . here on the website.