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September 22 - 24, 2017: Great Autumn Open House in Ludwigsburg

A long stones weekend in the mineral wholesale!


During the autumn in-house exhibition, our sales exhibition in Ludwigsburg is also open for you on Saturday and Sunday: From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., you can browse newly arrived merchandise to your heart's content, make bargains, enjoy local specialties at the Swabian wine festival and thus prepare for the upcoming Christmas business in a relaxed atmosphere.

The in-house exhibition is only open to invited trade visitors; please bring your personal invitation card, which we sent to you at the beginning of September. If you did not receive an invitation, please contact us!

opening hours for the 2017 Autumn Open House: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm each day.


We look forward to your visit and wish you a good journey!


Marco Schreier & Team

You can find directions here!


22. September 2017: Welcome to the Autumn Open House!

The tents are well filled, the bargains varied, the co-exhibitors have set up and even in the kitchen is already brewing:


The Autumn Open House is on!


We look forward to your visit still until Sunday (24.09.2017); each from 9.00 to 18.00 clock!





21. September 2017: the last container, the last preparations



Not by night and fog, but this morning at shortly after 8.00 am the last container before the in-house exhibition finally arrived. Just in time - all pack with, so that from tomorrow the new Advent kalener, Water Stones and some other long-lost items are available again!


The "Gallery of the Earth" is since yesterday evening also ready put away and is now still polished for the in-house exhibition! Great objects made of wood and stone await you!




20. September 2017: final spurt!



Also the many baskets and trays with an unprecedented selection of drilled gems have landed in the big tent by now!


And the bargain area is also already there - from all assortment areas there are during the three in-house exhibition days on site in Ludwigsburg bargains with 50% discount, for example.For example, beautiful Obsidian Buddhas.


Tomorrow are then still some little things to do, so that on Friday at 9.00 o'clock everything can go off punctually. And tomorrow still arrives at the very last push in sea container...




19. September 2017: minerals move into the tent


Traditionally, the first thing we do is to bring the small and large mineral specimens to the big in-house exhibition tent. This time we present, among other things, from Indonesia One side polished pieces of steel coral, from cool Norway Eudialith in fiery pink and from Madagascar heavenly, sky-blue Coelestine!


September 18, 2017: Uffz - the tents are up!


Today morning at 7h it already started: the company Fischer has built up the big tents on the front yard! Just in time before the downpour around noon the fluent builders finished. Now the infrastructure must be built up next: Tables and lighting!

By the way, the weather prospects for the in-house exhibition weekend are better than it would appear at the moment when looking out the window: Temperatures up to 20° and now and then even autumnal sunshine!


15. September 2017: small but nice!


Just arrived and at the label, but for the in-house exhibition then outside in the big tent:

Over 40 different Tumbled Stone Pendants in Extra-Quality, z.For example, Ruby, Apatite, Chrysoprase, Rhodochrosite, Emerald, Sugilite, Vesuvianite, Andean Opal with heavy eyelet in silver 925.


September 14, 2017: Objects landed in the gallery!

Every day we receive shipments of goods in the Osterholz - sometimes a pallet of books, sometimes a thick envelope with strands of diamonds and of course large sea containers from all over the world. Exciting wooden objects have landed from the Indonesia container after unpacking, which we will show you at the in-house exhibition in the Gallery of the Earth. Look forward to new impressions on the theme "wood & stone"!


1. September to November 5, 2017: ancient Rome in Ludwigsburg


Would you like to meet these cute little guys live and in color? Then take advantage of the shopping at the Autumn Open House to take a detour to the Blühende Barock and be amazed at what you can make out of pumpkins! This year, ancient Rome is the theme of the exhibition - during the open house weekend, the pumpkin exhibition also features Germany's largest pumpkin soup pot as well as several hundred different types of pumpkins to marvel at.

Details about the spectacle around the autumn vegetable can be found on the website of the organizer.



September 7, 2017: We have moved!

To have more space for the discount action with the silver intermediates and Clasps on the 1st floor, many small treasures have migrated one floor below in the annex of the mineral shop. Well lit and re-sorted, rarities such as Imperial Topaz crystals, tourmaline, Aegirine, Chrysoberyl and other rarities have been given a new home.


4. September: 2017: The power of the Obsidian mirror


Experience at the Autumn House Fair, how the Obsidian mirror can help you to more perspective and clarity in life . Especially in autumn, when the time of introspection and retreat begins, can be gained with the help of the black Obsidian important insights about ourselves and our lives. You will find Klaus Hüser in the mineral shop at the transition from the main house to the annex.
The number of consultation appointments is limited - so register right away by email or by phone at 0172 5612795 and secure an appointment! During the in-house exhibition there is also the possibility of informing with Klaus Hüser to his annual group "Bring the stone in the roll - Together on the way". You can find more about this offer from Klaus Hüser on his website.


30. August 2017: test the effect of stones!


The technology makes it possible:
With 41 probes, Auramed's Biopulsar measures the skin resistance at the reflex zones - and shows what changes occur when a gemstone is applied! During the three in-house exhibition days, Michael Vogt performs measurements with the Biopulsar - let yourself be surprised which effects the various minerals have!


24. August 2017: sparkling treasures from Bali arrived


Peridote, blue and white Topaz, Garnet, Uvarovite and other stones sparkle and glitter in the new Chili Jewels jewelry pieces! Secure now the most beautiful items for a successful Christmas business  - a small preview can be found here in our webshop, the large selection then on the second floor of the mineral store during the in-house exhibition.


21. August 2017: Helmut Günther comes and drills!

With expert hands, a lot of sure instinct and decades of experience, Helmut Günther will again drill your brought or newly purchased stones at the house fair - at the house fair special price!

Use the last opportunity this year - at the winter in-house exhibition in November Mr. Günther will not be there!


August 16, 2017: Planning for the Swabian wine festival begins!

The mineral shop Schreier is easily accessible directly on the highway between Stuttgart and Heilbronn, but just a few kilometers away, vineyards and idyllic villages characterize the landscape. For the autumn in-house exhibition we bring for you Swabian specialties to the Osterholz - enjoy typical vintner dishes and matching drinks! An Guade!


August 11, 2017: gemstone malas arrived


From the four popular gemstones Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz and Tourmaline (black) we have high-quality Malas with matching pendants and bracelets manufactured. These can be found at the in-house exhibition on the second floor of the wholesale at Chili Jewels design jewelry.



July 31, 2017: bargains, bargains, bargains

Save big on the Open House with Chili Creative jewelry making components: during the three days of the Open House, you'll get over 500 select Clasps and Intermediates at significantly reduced prices!Secure your stock of silver 925 and silver 925 gold-plated elements during the in-house exhibition!



July 24, 2017: Eeeeeeeendlich: The container from Indonesia is here!

It was already announced for the summer house fair, but customs and railroads prevented it from arriving on time: A whole container full of exciting unique items from Indonesia: Fantastic furniture, for example tables, benches and seating groups, unusual decorative objects made of glass and wood and of course numerous fancy stone objects made of red jasper, petrified coral and other minerals.