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Thank you for visiting our mineral wholesale - we look forward to seeing you again in the summer!

Great spring in-house exhibition opened in Ludwigsburg: March 24 - 26, 2017

Today it's that time again:
At 9.00 am the first in-house exhibition of the year opened! In addition to the sales area of the mineral wholesale, you will find numerous tents in the courtyard with novelties from around the world, such as China, Brazil, Indonesia and more.

We are open on all three days of the fair in each case from 9.00 to 18.00 - please bring your personal trade visitor invitation, which you have received by mail at the beginning of March. If you are still missing your personal invitation, please send us a short email!

You can find directions here.


House show at Mineralienhandlung Marco Schreier - more than just a fantastic selection of stones!

Our co-exhibitors with an interesting advice and information offer around the world of precious stones and their powers
You can find more information here on our website.


It's still a bit nippy in the tents, but bright sunshine is forecast from midday!


March 23: Final preparations are made

In the seminar and guest house it already smells tempting: As always, we invite you to the in-house exhibition to a cold-warm buffet with numerous, also vegetarian, delicacies - and are happy about a donation for the Honduras project.

The tents are also well filled; last goods arrivals, e.g. the new water dispenser from VitaJuwel, still fill the last gaps. And also the weather god means it well with all visitors of the house fair - radiant sunshine and temperatures up to 19 ° are announced for the weekend.

March 22: The tents fill with treasures

The tables in the in-house exhibition tent are already well filled: Amethyst druses, gemstone engravings, Zoisite spheres, Rock Crystal, Tourmaline (black) spikes, water agates and many other novelties from the goods deliveries of the last weeks are ready for you from Friday!

For the creative customers, we have a giant assortment of new gemstone strands for the in-house exhibition - so you can benefit from the mega trend "bracelets collect and combine" and offer your customers new and innovative gemstone bracelets. Also, of course, the necessary material, such as Elastic Cord or jewelry clasps, you will find in our program!

March 21: Indonesia asks to table!

In addition to numerous sculptures, fantastic pieces of Petrified Wood have again been unpacked from the large Indonesia container. In addition to numerous tables, we have also received a few tea sets for the first time. A real eye-catcher in the shop window!

And in the tents, the construction continues - yesterday evening, the first "residents" have already moved in; many more beautiful pieces will follow.

While the tents are filling up with minerals from all over the world, the last treasures are being unpacked in the goods receiving area - wonderful spheres of honey calcite, the stone for a confident outlook on life, and skurile crystal skull engravings from China.

March 20, 2017: The final spurt is on - the tents are pitched!

Since shortly after seven o'clock, the Fischer company has been in the process of erecting the tents for the in-house exhibition. In the front courtyard, which otherwise serves as a parking lot, during the in-house exhibition will be large tents, in which we will present the many newly arrived goods from around the world. The weather outlook for the weekend is good, so hopefully we will be able to live up to the motto of the Fisher tent rental company "In storm, rain or wet.... Fischer can be relied on!" will not be called upon.

17. March 2017: Larimar - Gemstone of the Caribbean

At the latest since these three cute little guys have been floated into the incoming goods department, it is clear: Larimar is the gemstone of the Caribbean! For this weekend, bad weather with rain and cool temperatures is announced - so the Larimar engravings bring just in time a little vacation feeling in the house. And for the in-house exhibition we keep our fingers crossed for good weather - otherwise the tents are rainproof and also heatable.

March 16, 2017: Finally - the container from Indonesia has arrived!

At the beginning of January, the container with over a hundred stone sculptures was loaded in Indonesia - after some confusion, the goods have finally arrived. With combined forces the boxes were unloaded and are now waiting to be unpacked. For the open house, man and beast are then freed from the wooden wrapping and look forward to a new home - perhaps in your garden?

March 15, 2017: Nature creates the most beautiful works of art!

From the opal collection of an Australian family, we will show some fantastic opals at the in-house exhibition. These fascinating pieces have been carefully cut out of the matrix by hand and follow in their shaping the natural course of the opal in the rock - a truly unique piece of nature!

March 14, 2017: Fluorite from China - wonderfully colorful!

Finally, colored Fluorite in top quality e.g. as tealight, polished double end and extra-large rough stone, is available again! Each piece is unique with unique grain and color, so there are these beautiful pieces only in our showroom in Ludwigsburg to buy.


March 14, 2017: Spring will be blue-green-Turquoise or colorful?!

Another batch of new strands has arrived - this time mainly stone varieties that are of interest to jewelry designers who assemble their creations according to stone healing aspects. Look forward, for example, to Aquamarine, Türkos, Jadeite, Apatite, Chrome Diopside, Charoite as gemstone strands!

13. March 2017: slalom through Brazil

For the team, which is currently unpacking the numerous consignments of goods from all over the world with high pressure and a lot of commitment, slalom running is announced: in the hall are numerous pallets with newly arrived goods from Brazil - hardly an aisle is still free, everywhere are amethyst druses, Agate cuts, Agate slabs, Schörl steps and other beauties and waiting to fill the large tent in the front courtyard.

In the meantime, numerous Mountain Crystal points - also in favorable qualities - as well as Turtle Agates and drummed Tumbled Stones in Amethyst, Rock Crystal and Rose Quartz have also come to light, which can, for example. can be used as Water Stones.

March 10, 2017: early spring!

In Ludwigsburg, the sun laughs from the blue sky - and also on the second floor of the mineral shop Schreier, spring has already broken out: Numerous new gemstone pendants with floral motifs in delicate spring colors have arrived with  the latest Bali package: White Labrodorite, Peridote, Tourmalines in many colors, blue Topaz (blue) and and other stones sparkle around the bet. You can also order some of the new pendants and jewelry here in our webshop.

March 9, 2017: Congratulations - ten years in the Marco Schreier Mineralienhandlung!

So much time must be despite all the preparations for the spring in-house exhibition: We congratulate our colleagues Diana Heck and Dadang Kris on the ten-year company anniversary! With a delicious food basket and many good wishes for the next decade, the two were surprised this morning by Marco Schreier.


March 8, 2017: Natural Citrine balls - there amazes not only the chameleon!

The large shipment of goods from China is also unpacked by a team. Yesterday, in addition to some beautiful animal engravings, a small batch of spheres of wonderful natural Citrine came to light. The raw material for this gemstone rarity comes from Madagascar; due to the different sizes, the balls are suitable both for gemstone massages and as a decorative object.


March 7, 2017: The first boxes from Brazil are unpacked!

From the Brazil container, which arrived on Friday, the first boxes have been unpacked. New to the in-house show are Pendant mixes with Agate slabs, Geode slabs, Tumbled Stones and Rock Crystal points - the affordable gemstone pendants delight with the varied shapes and patterns of the individual Tumbled Stones, Agate slabs and crystals.

Also a large selection of amethystdrusen, CItrindrusen and turtle agates are just unpacked. Be sure to secure some more beautiful turtle agates at the spring home show! This popular protective stone will be hard to come by in the future, as the mine in Brazil is no longer operating. Still not all boxes are unpacked - we will keep you posted!

March 6, 2017: It's spring - the new bracelets are here!

It's finally spring - at least the new bracelets in spring colors have already arrived:
Pale pink beryl, light green prehnite, turquoise Amazonite and apatite, sunny yellow Citrine and other popular gemstone varieties as bracelets threaded on rubber will delight you at the in-house exhibition! At the moment, the items are still measured, weighed, labeled and prepared for sale, but in a good two and a half weeks you can buy at the spring in-house exhibition these jewelry; some models are also already orderable here in the webshop.

3. March 2017: Borussia Dortmund brings stones

This morning, a truck with a container was surprisingly in front of the door, whose driver is obviously an enthusiastic BVB fan. Even though the footballing affections of the college are for other clubs, the truck with numerous pallets and boxes was of course unloaded. We are curious what this time has come to treasures from Brazil: Amethyst druses, turtle agates, key chains, Tumbled Stones, pendants and much more.

P.S..: We press of course both the BVB on Saturday against Leverkusen and the Stuttgart against Braunschweig on Monday evening the fingers!
P.P.S.: The BVB has already presented well with 6:2 - now also the  VfB must show what he can!
P.P.P.S..: At VfB has's after the turbulence of the last few days still enough for a 1:1 - so still no defeat in 2017!

1 March 2017: the house fair invitation is on the way!

After a photo shoot in the snow and many hours at the computer, the time has finally come: the new Chili Jewels jewelry catalog is on its way to you, along with the invitation for the Spring Open House! On 32 pages you will find gemstone jewelry in spring colors, e.g. pendants with Peridot, Topaz, Citrine and faceted Rock Crystalas well as rings, macramé bracelets and other novelties from the creative Chili Jewels design workshop.

Along with the jewelry catalog you will also receive your personal trade visitor invitation for the spring in-house exhibition. Please bring it with you to the in-house exhibition, as the in-house exhibition is open exclusively for our customers. Thank you!

February 28, 2017: chain strands, chain strands and more chain strands

Numerous pallets of gemstone strands have arrived and are currently being unpacked, sorted and prepared for the in-house exhibition in the goods receiving department. The visit of numerous small cutting shops has paid off, because we will be able to present you a huge selection of new strands at the in-house exhibition. One focus of the offer will be on cutting-edge matted strands (e.g. Aquamarine beads and cylinders in Amethyst and Sunstone) in bright spring colors, another on strands in natural colors: pearls, yellow-brown Tiger's Eye, Malachite and many other stone varieties. During the open house, you can find the newly arrived strands in the big tent in the front courtyard.


22. February 2017: New design jewelry for spring

You missed the Inhorgenta in Munich? Then be sure to mark the date for the spring in-house exhibition! In addition to the novelties from the Chili Jewels catalog, which you will receive together with your in-house exhibition invitations by mail at the beginning of March, numerous other novelties have arrived, e.g. pendants, rings and bracelets.

February 8, 2017: All co-exhibitors have confirmed!

In addition to an extensive range of new stone goods and gemstones, we have also invited three interesting co-exhibitors to enrich the in-house exhibition with their offerings. Look forward to:

Monika Grundmann - "Stars and Stones": The bodies of the sky and the treasures of the earth
Klaus Hüser - "Bring the stone rolling": Indivudelle gemstone coaching and counseling
Elisabeth Sellin - "Stone and flower": Gemstone Elixirs

More about the offers of the co-exhibitors can be found here.


20. January 2017: Azurite Malachite, Kunzite and more

Even before the official start of the largest mineral trade fair in the world in Tuscon, Marco Schreier has managed to get hold of a few sensational items for the in-house fair thanks to decades of close contacts with cutters and dealers all over the world: Bored Cabochons and Donuts of Azurite Malachite as well as Strands and Tumbled Stones from the rare mineral, drilled Kunzite Tumbled Stones, Larimar Donuts and Drilled Hearts, Agate Skulls and numerous other small lots.

January 10, 2017: photo shoot for the new Chili Jewels jewelry catalog

In double-digit minus temperatures, but bright sunshine, the photos for the new Chili Jewels catalog are made in the Osterholz.
Heartfelt thanks to Onin Lorente for fantastic photos and to Sarah K. for smiling despite goosebumps!

The Chili Jewels catalog will be published in early March 2017 and will be sent with the in-house invitation. Look forward to wonderful design jewelry with Peridote, white and blue Topaz, Tourmaline, Larimar and other popular gemstones.


January 07, 2017: Bon voyage, Buddha!

In various small cutting shops in Indonesia, our buyer has selected a good hundred beautiful handmade figures made of Granite and other types of stone.
In addition to the popular Buddha statues and Kuan Yins are also numerous animals, such as elephants and dolphins, as well as pagodas and water bowls for the garden design on the way to Ludwigsburg.