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June 30 to July 2, 2017:
Great summer in-house exhibition at the mineral wholesale in Ludwigsburg

On June 30 at 9.00 the gates of the summer in-house exhibition 2017 opened!
We thank you for your visit to Ludwigsburg and look forward to seeing you again in the fall!

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As co-exhibitors were:
Berk - Inner Worlds
Helmut Günther - gemstone drillers from Idar-Oberstein
Melanie Struck - book author "Investigation file healing stones"
Monike Grundmann - Gemstone Balance
Klaus Hüser - Healing Stone Coaching and Consultations
Opal-Charlie - Boulderopal from Australia

More about the offers and the work of our co-exhibitors can be found here.

June 30, 2017, 9:00 a.m.: Open house - the first customers are already here!

With pleasantly cool temperatures, the first customers have been browsing in the in-house exhibition tents since 9.00am, the first gemstone consultation with Klaus Hüser is scheduled at 9.30h, the grill including Osterholz barbecue sauce is just set up and in the "Gallery of the Earth" are already sold the first amethyst wings - the "Summer Festival of Gemstones" has begun!

29. June 2017: the last things are judged

The tents are up and filled with numerous treasures! The one or other price tag is still missing, a banner is still being sought, but otherwise everything is in place for the opening of the open house tomorrow. Also the first co-exhibitors have already arrived and are setting up.



June 28, 2017: Berk Company is there!

Just now the large truck from the company "Berk - Inner Worlds" has also driven into the back yard. Unloaded is much "fragrant stuff", so incense, incense sticks and more as well as spiritual goods - of course, everything at low wholesale prices! With it also again lots of bargains and remaining stock at bargain prices!


27. June 2017: final spurt!!!!

The large house fair tent in the front courtyard is also gradually filling up with more treasures, e. g.For example, amethyst windows from Brazil, azurite nodules from Australia, agate bowls from Madagascar, Rose Quartz spheres and much, much more:


June 26, 2017: the "Gallery of the Earth" is admitted

Numerous boxes and crates are unpacked - and to the emergence of the "classics" from Brazil - amethyst and Agate - also fantastic quartz:

June 23, 2017: the Brazil container continues to be unpacked!

Mysterious mineral worlds open up at the in-house exhibition in the new "Gallery of the Earth". Marvel at the treasures that nature provides, such as glittering crystals in gigantic agates!



12% in-house trade show discount - how's it work?

At the in-house exhibition, you already receive the highest possible quantity discount on all discountable items from a net goods value of 500 €. This includes e.g. donuts and other stone parts, Tumbled Stones, design jewelry, amethyst druses and many other articles. Excluded from the loyalty discount are only articles from outside companies (eg Farfalla, Sambol, VitaJuwel), CDs, DVDs, mineral cards, books and other printed products, Findings for jewelry design and other articles made of silver, as well as articles at special and promotional prices. The open house discount cannot be combined with other discounts, such as the loyalty discount.

June 20, 2017: the boss is an angel ;-)

So slowly more and more boxes are unpacked from the Brazil container - to the revelation come among others.Among other things, numerous fantastic amethyst objects, especially amethyst druses sawn open in pairs, which are rotatably mounted on metal stands. A real eye-catcher!

June 16, 2017 Christo in Osterholz?!

In the warehouse and goods receiving area right now, it looks like packaging artist Christo was at work - lots of small and big things wrapped in white foil that arrived with the Brazil container. Let's see what comes to light!

On Monday, when the convoy has left for St. Marie and finally there is more space in the warehouse, there are the pictures of the first pieces of the new "Gallery of the Earth".


June 14, 2017: Greetings from Down Under

For the in-house exhibition, Opal-Charlie will present fantastic opals - look forward to the colorful treasures from Down Under!

In stone healing, by the way, the mineral is valued to not lose courage in adverse circumstances and to look optimistically into the future.


June 13, 2017: The presses are running: New release on gemstone necklaces

Just in time for the summer in-house exhibition, the book "Ermittlungsakte Heilsteine" by Melanie Struck is released - inspiring insights. tied into an exciting novel plot around the police officer Eva.

Meet the author live at the in-house exhibition and get from her tips and suggestions for the composition of your personal gemstone necklace.


June 12, 2017: mystery boxes

The container that reached us on Friday is full of great pieces from Brazil! Those who follow us on Facebook have already gotten a good impression of the last shopping trip to Brazil. Meanwhile, the container has been unloaded and the boxes are now being brought piece by piece very carefully to the new "Gallery of the Earth", which will open at the Summer Home Fair.


June 9, 2017: the first container has arrived!

Just arrived at the yard of the mineral shop:
The first of three containers with goods for the in-house exhibition! At the moment, there is still nothing to see except a lot of big boxes - we will reveal more on Monday!


June 7, 2017: Polished treasures from Madagascar

The container from the gemstone island of Madagascar was actually already scheduled for the last in-house exhibition, but wind and waves as well as customs and railroads caused plenty of delays, so we can only now show you the dreamlike pieces for the summer in-house exhibition. Look forward to tips of natural Smoky Quartz, gemstone eggs, Rock Crystal bowls, balls of black tourmaline and numerous other small items.


Fitting for the in-house exhibition: Music fireworks at Blühender Barock

In addition to shopping in the mineral shop, take advantage of the in-house exhibition weekend for a special kind of cultural enjoyment: on July 1, 2017, the traditional musical fireworks display will take place in the Blühenden Barock, the famous historic garden and palace complex in the heart of the city. Throughout the evening, the castle park will be particularly festively illuminated with numerous lanterns, around 22.30h in front of the south facade then - in keeping with the music - the fireworks will be set off.
More information about the event can be found on the website of the city of Ludwigsburg.


June 1, 2017: surprise guest from Down Under

At the Summer Open House as a surprise guest: Opal-Charlie!
With a hand-picked selection of Australian Boulder Opals as cabochons, drilled Tumbled Stone, necklace or jewelry - freshly flown in from Australia - you will find Opal-Charlie during the Summer Open House in the large Open House tent right next to the entrance to the mineral wholesale. Let yourself be inspired!


May 25, 2017: the inventory goes off!

For three days, all the stones in the mineral shop are counted with many busy hands and eyes: No matter whether drilled Tumbled Stone, silver Lobster Clasp, giant amethyst druse or Rose Quartz - at the end of the inventory sticks at each place, at each box or compartment a small sticker with the determined number of pieces. Also for the preparation of the summer in-house exhibition, the inventory is important, because so we have a up-to-the-minute overview of the inventory and can you to the in-house exhibition, for example, in the "Alley of Crystals"and in the big tent on the front courtyard present the most beautiful pieces.


May 16, 2017: Gemstone driller Helmut Günther comes to the summer in-house exhibition!

Helmut Günther, the experienced gemstone driller from Idar-Oberstein, is a co-exhibitor at the in-house exhibitions appreciated by many customers, as he will drill gemstones and minerals brought along or newly purchased during the in-house exhibition days according to your ideas at a preferential price. With pleasure Mr. Günther would be present on all house fairs, but working for days with the water necessary for drilling is unfortunately only possible in the warm months. So take advantage of the opportunity at the summer in-house exhibition!


May 9, 2017: experiments on barbecue sauce

In keeping with the warm season, the kitchen team will treat you to delicious food from the grill and fresh salads at the Summer Home Show. The recipe for the self-made "Osterholz barbecue sauce" is not yet quite perfect, but the final experiments to the perfect seasoning mixture are in full swing! All delicacies from the grill as well as drinks, coffee and Hefezopf are free during the open house - but we ask for a donation for the Honduras project!


20. April 2017: consultations around the power of gemstones and minerals

For the summer in-house exhibition, Monika Grundmann and Klaus Hüser, two proven, experienced experts on the effects of stones, will be on site on Ludwigsburg. Monika Grundmann has current tips on the use of stones in wellness and therapy, Klaus Hüser offers under the motto "Bring' the stone into the roll..." individual one-on-one consultations and healing stone coachings.

March 27, 2017: Special Summer Guest: Berk - Inner Worlds

After the house fair is before the house fair! Just the Spring 2017 in-house exhibition has ended successfully, the planning for the Summer 2017 in-house exhibition is going on. Also this year the company Berk - Inner Worlds will again set up with numerous offers, special items and novelties in and in front of the "tent of fragrances". Throughout the year, items are collected in Stockach, which will then be sold at bargain prices at our summer open house - also are already again numerous pallets and boxes assembled, which will be taken to Ludwigsburg at the end of June.