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November 15 - 17, 2019: Christmas Open House


The last opportunity this year to shop on the weekend and at special conditions!

During the Christmas in-house exhibition, our sales exhibition in Ludwigsburg is also open for you on Saturday and Sunday: From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., you can browse newly arrived merchandise to your heart's content, make bargains, enjoy mulled wine and waffles, and thus shop in a relaxed atmosphere.

The in-house exhibition is only open to invited trade visitors; please bring your personal invitation card, which we sent you at the beginning of November.

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale business for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, please register here as a new customer!

Three great days around the world of gemstones and minerals!

The opening hours for the Christmas in-house exhibition 2019: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, each 9.00 to 18.00.

We look forward to your visit and wish you a good journey! You can find directions here.

Marco Schreier & Team

November 18, 2019: Thank you!

On Monday after the Christmas Housefair we collected the donation vases and counted the money. A total of 1308.81 € for the Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V. came together! A big thank you to all visitors of the open house, who have feasted on mulled wine and waffles, salad and soups and then filled the donation vases. A special thank you goes again this year to "Rummage and Give" in Sonthofen, who collected throughout the year for the association and then brought the money to the open house!


November 15, 2019, 8:30h: It can go!

We are ready!

The tents are well filled, the coffee machine is running and slowly the sun breaks through the clouds.

We're ready to go!

November 14, 2019: Lots of nice bargains :-)

Tomorrow we'll start with the Christmas house fair! At the moment, the last prices are still written, the Christmas decorations are hung and, above all, the bargain tent filled.

Numerous large pieces, gift items, amethyst, strands and much more is reduced by up to 70%!

Right next door from the bargain tent you can strengthen yourself with waffles and mulled wine from tomorrow at noon.


November 13, 2019: Finally here! Uffz!

Just finally arrived: Tumbled Stones Covellite! Since we have waited forever for it, that we get again this coveted stone to the camp. Of course, at the last minute before the in-house exhibition - still quickly declare the shipment and now it's time to unpack. Also came along are balls and hearts from Covellite - whether here the time will still be enough to sort and label these? Let's see...

November 13, 2019: Minerals from around the world :-)

New arrivals from Peru: Dark olive green Epidote steps - each piece is unique and therefore only available in the exhibition in Ludwigsburg, not in the webshop!

And finally available again: Rawstones from Russian Amazonite in the known great quality!

Both items can be found in the large tent in the front courtyard, just to the left of the entrance to the mineral shop!


November 12, 2019: Oooooo...... OPAL!

Just cleared into the tent: drilled Boulder Opals! Different shapes, great play of colors!

Coming early ensures the best selection!


November 12, 2019: Do you know how many little stars there are....

At the moment there is only one star in the sky - and actually the star is also hanging more than it is standing... So slowly it becomes Christmassy in the big tent on the front yard! And under the star, tables and pedestals are set up and equipped piece by piece with minerals and many other items.


November 11, 2019: The new works hang

This afternoon, gemstone artists Rita Koch and Rolf Hunkeler of gemstoneART were on hand at Easterwood to hang their new Planet Series artwork in the Earth Gallery. Be enchanted by distant galaxies, created from many small gemstones. An out-of-this-world Christmas gift!


November 11, 2019: A familiar sound

There are things that simply belong quite firmly to every in-house exhibition - among other things, a very familiar sound: Klong-Klong!

When the Fischer tent rental company sets up the large tents for the in-house exhibition on Monday morning in the week of the exhibition, the sound of "Klong-Klong" resounds again and again through the Osterholz. This familiar sound, which heralds the start of the in-house exhibition, is caused by the metal poles of the tents still banging against each other during assembly. Since today early 8.00 o'clock we know it therefore definitely: Today not only the carnival is opened, but also the house fair week!

And at the other end also still diligently unpacked and labeled, which arrived in the last days at new commodity. Sometimes it is thereby also the small, "normal" articles that are just beautiful. Don't these beautiful Mookaite nugget bracelets remind you of a beautiful fall day like we had yesterday (at least around here)?


November 8, 2019: The small package

The small package that arrived yesterday has also been unwrapped in the meantime. For the Christmas in-house exhibition next weekend, bracelets and necklaces made of Chrysoberyl will also be available at our wholesale.

If you are not yet a customer at Mineral Wholesale, then register here!


November 8, 2019: Chain strands! And more chain strands!

The first batch of boxes is unpacked: A lot of chain strands! Many popular classics like Rose Quartz, Magnesite and beautiful Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline (black), Shell Core Beads, Sodalite and Tiger's Eye, but also unusual varieties like colorful Amazonite from China, faceted Apatite and intense blue Lapis Lazuli have been unpacked.



7. November 2019: A big cargo and a small package...

... Have arrived today. What is in the many boxes and contained in the small package, we will soon show you here in our house fair blog.



November 7, 2019: 12!

12 is THE number of the Christmas in-house exhibition, because already from 500€ net purchase value you get 12% in-house exhibition discount on all discountable goods! In addition, there's still 3% discount if you pay cash, with ec card or SEPA direct debit.

Tip from Theo Mole:  Do not forget your Mole savings book! On Tuesday after the Christmas in-house exhibition, we will draw shopping vouchers up to 500€ among all full savings books.

If you are not yet a customer of Mineral Wholesale, then register here!


November 6, 2019: It glitters and sparkles!

Black is one of the most popular colors among gemstone strands - whether as Tourmaline (black tourmaline), Onyx, Lava or Obsidian. New on sale at the Open House are these black, sparkling strands, which were not threaded from any of the aforementioned stone types. Only so much is betrayed here: The unit of weight is carats! 


November 5, 2019: Gemstone Art - gemstoneART


Still one or the other work in progress, but until the in-house exhibition new artworks from the popular planet series are ready! Look forward to new impressions in the Gallery of Earth! In addition to the well-known large-scale artworks, some smaller pictures have also emerged - perfect as a Christmas gift!



November 4, 2019: Pink again....

After the long weekend with the holiday on Friday (at least for us here in Ba-Wü) goes's now in the final spurt with the preparations! From the last tour through the grinding mills a large batch of Rhodochrosite as bracelets and strands has arrived, which must now be sorted and labeled. The supply ranges from simple bracelets to single strands in almost transparent Ortiz quality.


October 30, 2019: Pretty in Pink

Currently being labeled in the incoming goods department: donuts made of pink Andean Opal! Finally available and to the in-house exhibition then in the big tent on the front yard to find.

The Andean Opal, also called pink opal, is valued in stone healing to strengthen the themes of cordiality and open-mindedness.

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October 28, 2019: Creative with gemstones - the hit weekend!


A lot of enthusiastic children (and parents) can confirm: The new craft sets, created in collaboration between Relax-Kids and Mole Gifts from Nature, are a big hit! Last weekend, at the Mineral Days Munich, there was concentrated gluing and threading; despite the hustle and bustle of the trade fair around it, the little gemstone fans were absorbed in the world of stones and glued treasure chests and threaded gemstone jewelry with a lot of dedication and patience.

The new sets are available for the Christmas in-house exhibition - and of course can be ordered in our webshop.


October 25, 2019: "employee" of the month


Without our new "ant" it would be quite difficult to move the many boxes and pallets of new goods in incoming goods and in the warehouse :-O

Just in time before the numerous incoming goods for the Christmas in-house exhibition, this new "employee" has joined us. He is very hardworking, prima for his area of responsibility and needs in the lunch break only a little power to help afterwards again vigorously :-)




22 October 2019: Uffz!

Before the Christmas in-house exhibition, we now have the big exhibition in Munich coming up: three stands, participation in three special shows - uffz!

Two large trucks, a van and two cars left Ludwigsburg this morning. In the Osterholz, meanwhile, operations continue - for the in-house exhibition, the numerous newly arrived strands of emerald to faceted Kunzite to Rhodochrosite in A-quality are just labeled.


October 21, 2019: Opinions differ...

at Ter(r)ahertz - are articles made of pure silicon quite a great thing, as you can experience the themes of silicon (stability and presence of mind) quite pure and unadulterated? Or are these articles to be banned from practice, since the silicon is not naturally grown, but from quartz sand or quartz gravel at temperatures around 2000°

were extracted and then further processed? Decide - for the in-house exhibition we have in addition to Tumbled Stones and beads now also new bracelets in the program!


October 18, 2019: Have a grrrrreat day - or three great (in-house exhibition) days?!


New in the VitaJuwel program and of course also available from us: the new ViA drinking bottle "Hero" with Tiger's Eye, Gold, Smoky Quartz and Rock Crystal. We are already excited about this new blend; the first shipment is on its way to us, more bottles will be available at the in-house exhibition.

Whether Hero will be THE VitaJuwel blend for men? Test it! Order now here!

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October 17, 2019: ............................................ (A picture is worth a thousand words)



16. October 2019: Almost there: the sea container!

Almost there: a whole sea container full of goods! Tried and true classics and lots of new items - selected by Marco Schreier during the last shopping tour on site in the grinding shops and then to be found in the big tent on the front yard for the in-house exhibition! We keep you here in this blog up to date, what so all from the several hundred boxes to emerge. We are curious - on the invoice is with many articles as a designation only "Marco Selection"...


October 15, 2019: The invitations go to print!

This is what the envelope that will land in your mailbox at the end of October will look like: The WeihnachtsNews and, most importantly, your personal trade visitor admission ticket for the Christmas in-house exhibition!

At the moment, the invitations are being printed and then put in the mail. With the Christmas News you already get a small impression of the many new products that we present at the in-house exhibition in all product ranges.

If you are not yet a customer of Mineral Wholesale, then register here!


09. October 2019: New Advent Calendars


We already show you a little bit of our new advent calendar here ;-) 

Behind each little door hides a silver particle, a pearl or another "ingredient" for enchanting angel jewelry, which is of course ready in time for the holidays! 

Neither you nor your customers need prior knowledge to make the jewelry; the corresponding instructions are also provided in the calendar.

Supplement from 19.10.2019: As of now, the angel jewelry Advent calendars can be ordered here!


September 30, 2019: The big four are coming!

After the half-hour lectures of crystal coach Klaus Hüser have met with such great interest at the autumn in-house exhibition, there will be these again at the Christmas in-house exhibition - this time on the topic "The big four". 

The four stones of the big four (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond) represent the four areas of a person's personality. It is through the qualities of these areas that a person becomes a distinct individual: body, emotion, mind and spirit. It is the four areas, whose interaction on the one hand are responsible for physical well-being and inner and outer satisfaction and on the other hand create the basis for obstacles and problems in all areas of life - depending on the quality of interaction and energetic state.

Learn more about the big four from Klaus Hüser at the Christmas open house.With shamanic directional ritual with the power of the stones: "The big four"!