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Spring Home Show 2019: March 22 - 24, 2019

Spring Home Show hours:

Friday, March 22, 2019: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 23, 2019: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, March 24, 2019: 9:00 a.m. to 6.00 clock  


As co-exhibitors have so far confirmed:

Monika Grundmann - Edelstein Balance

Klaus Hüser - gemstone coaching and individual consultations

Gerold Bölts - former owner of Vogelflug and expert in Alexander salt


26. March 2019: Already again rum!

It's already all over again! In still beautiful spring weather, the remains are cleared from the tents, replenished goods and everything is cleaned up again. The exhibition is yes as usual from Wednesday to Friday open again for customers who have unfortunately missed the in-house exhibition with the huge selection.

Therefore mark now already:

21. - June 23, 2019: Summer Open House at Mineral Wholesale

P.S. Thank you for this colorful greeting left by customers at the Seminar House:


March 23 & 24, 2019: Why is Alexander's salt actually called Alexander's salt?


Answers to these and all other questions on the subject of Alexander salt you will receive at the in-house exhibition from "Papa Salt" Gerold Bölts, the former owner of the company Vogelflug. Already for twenty years he is intensively connected with the topic salt and reports in entertaining and instructive lectures about this exciting topic.

Each time at 11.00h, 14.00h and 16.00h the lectures start in the book corner (first floor mineral shop).


March 22, 2019: Here we go - the open house!

With wonderful sunshine and blue skies, the spring open house opened! The first customers are already there and marvel at the variety of our offer. 

We look forward to your visit!


March 21, 2019: We are ready!

A lot of druses from small to large, Angel Wings and formations have been cleared into the tent - we haven't had such a gigantic selection in the program for a long time!

And also many small treasures have newly arrived and can be found in the tent in the front courtyard:

Tips of Amethyst and Lime Quartz, Variscite, Fire Opal, Donuts of Labradorite and Erlan.

On the second floor you will find in the jewelry department cutting-edge novelties in bright spring colors, such as earrings and necklaces with Larimar, pendants with faceted stones and extravagant rings with pearls.


March 20, 2019: Thank you, Hannelore!

In bright sunshine and bright blue early spring sky, the filling of the tents continues to progress. Thank you, High Hannelore, for the great weather - the prospects are also wonderful for the weekend, says the German weather service.



March 19, 2019: The first residents are here!

After the infrastructure with tables, barrels, pallets and plates is in place in the big house fair tent, the first "residents" can move in: Amethyst Angel Wings from Brazil!

Each pair is handpicked and selected on site in Brazil!


18. March 2019: Now it's getting serious:

In "normal operation" the space in front of the mineral shop is used from Wednesday to Friday for visitors to the sales exhibition. But in the in-house exhibition week there by the company Zeltbau Fischer the prelude of the preparations takes place. With a practiced eye, they find the drill holes in the parking lot again, in which the tents are securely anchored - and then it can start!


March 15, 2019: On to the final spurt!

While the last overnight guest is still being searched for, who has parked his car in the front courtyard, the last boxes are still being unpacked, checked, labeled and repacked in the goods receiving area.

So many interesting new goods from all ranges!


March 14, 2019:  Amethyst from the Brazil container - just beautiful!






March 12, 2019: Early spring - the trees are striking!

It's finally spring and the trees are striking out - even in our jewelry department on the second floor of the mineral shop! Numerous new pendants made of Mother of Pearl have arrived, for example, with the popular motifs lotus flower, tree of life and Om sign. Also the beautiful Mother of Pearl wing pendants, which were partially sold out over the Christmas in-house exhibition, have come again, of course in small and large, light and dark mother of Pearl and - especially important, for example, for earrings - in right and left!


11. March 2019: The Brazil container has arrived!

Finally, the long-awaited container with treasures from the last shopping trip to South America has arrived! Besides the popular mineral flats, especially amethyst druses and amethyst formations have come along; all personally selected on site!

And also a very special, rather large object is being unpacked:

We are all excited to see what is hidden in the huge, very well padded box - a small corner of the contents is already visible:


8. March 2019: Spring cleaning for the chakras!

Leave the inertia of winter behind and get "in flow" just in time for spring! Now is the right time to start with new projects, develop ideas and put good resolutions into action.Use the spirit of optimism in nature and the gems for your successful projects! The chakras as energy centers of the body take here a central function. If the energy does not flow properly or completely here, they can become an obstacle  - just as with uncleaned windows the spring sun can not shine in.

At the in-house exhibition you will receive from the well-known gemologist Monika Grundmann numerous information and tips on how you can clean your chakras with the power of gemstones, so that the life energy can flow unhindered again.



March 7, 2019: Have you already received your invitation?

Ten days ago, the personal invitations to the in-house exhibition and the new Chili Creative catalog went in the mail. If you did not receive the invitation and catalog, please send us a quick email with your current address. We will be happy to send you both!


March 6, 2019: Discover the secret ingredient?


With hopefully good weather, the team around the kitchen fairy Melissa will spoil you again with delicious food from our "Fit into Spring"-Buffet. Look forward to salads, vegetables, a delicious chicken skillet, fruit and yogurt!

And premiere has the legendary couscous salad: Of course with couscous, vegetables, oil and vinegar - and the secret ingredient according to family tradition. Guess what it is?



March 05, 2019: Why actually come to the in-house exhibition? Is but everything on the web!


"Why should I come to the in-house exhibition? You have but everything online and daily new articles come into the webshop!" said recently a customer to a colleague on the phone.

The customer is right, but again not - in fact, we currently have about 14,000 different items available to order online and almost every day there are also new additions in the individual categories - but not every item is suitable to be sold in the webshop.

So we got to the spring in-house great polished pieces from the rare Rainbow Obsidian, fantastic Rose Quartz hearts (Mother's Day!) and beautiful quartz double enders. Each piece unique in size, shape and color - and therefore not suitable for the webshop.

Discover and buy these beautiful pieces only at the in-house exhibition; and therefore alone sicht the visit in Ludwigsburg already!



04 March 2019: India sends its regards


At first glance quite unspectacular, but for stone healing working people a highly interesting mineral: Apophyllite!

We were able to buy a large lot in India cheap - the goods still have to be packaged, but will be ready for you at the Haumesse!

Also included in the India shipment:

The popular Cobra stands, hearts of Fuchsite with Ruby and tumbled stones of white Agate and Disthene.



01. March 2019: Please smile :-)

In the exhibition in Ludwigsburg we have a huge selection of Larimar in various forms, eg.For example, Tumbled Stones, drilled balls, chain strands, donuts and more.

But so finely crafted crystal skulls of Larimar, even we have never had in the program!


February 27, 2019: Spring Awakening in the City of Ludwigsburg


On the fourth weekend in March, not only our great spring open house will take place - the city of Ludwigsburg also celebrates spring! On this weekend, the Blühende Barock is reopened after the winter break: freshly planted and colorfully blooming show the gardens newly dressed up. Take advantage of your visit to the open house to take a short vacation in the baroque city of Ludwigsburg and enjoy garden art at its best!

You can find details here on the city's website


February 25, 2019: Colorful Pearls!

The first cargoes of new merchandise for the in-house fair are trickling in. Newly arrived are numerous gemstone strands and lots of colorful beads - yellow, pink, petrol, green and other colors inspire spring colorful designs. Right now, the strands are still being sorted and unpacked, but you can revel in color at the open house!


February 5, 2019: Dare to take the next step!


Get the ball rolling!
Use the spirit of optimism of spring and get started!
Find out together with Klaus Hüser in a personal conversation, which is the next step in your currently most important project . How can I finally move forward, make (progress) steps, achieve success? Klaus Hüser offers support exactly at this point and shows where the obstacles, hurdles and inhibitors sind and with which stones these can be overcome.
After a gemstone consultation with Klaus Hüser at the in-house exhibition, you can answer the question "Which is my ritual stone for my personal "The next step" ritual unambiguously. Mr. Hüser can be found from Friday at noon at his proven place on the first floor of the mineral shop.

December 2018: Passionate Larimar


In December, Marco Schreier also indulged his passion for Larimar again and paid a visit to the world's only discovery site in the province of Barahona (Dominican Republic). You can look forward to new goods at the in-house exhibition! Let yourself be surprised. what from the chunks and rough stones for treasures arise!

On Facebook you can see more pictures of the visit on site.


December 2018: Greetings from Peru? Cross your fingers!!!

While visiting various suppliers in Peru, Marco Schreier selected numerous items made of pyrite, such as the popular balls made of pyrite crystals. Also flats with pyrite steps in numerous sizes are currently in the works and with a lot of fingers crossed in time for the in-house exhibition in Ludwigsburg.

Catch more impressions from the shopping trip in Peru here on Facebook -


December 2018: Treasures from Brazil


While wet and cold pre-Christmas weather prevails in Germany, our buyer Bernd Stark is on the road in Brazil. In addition to classics such as large raw stone chunks of Rose Quartz come to theSpring Home Fair also numerous hand-picked unique pieces and decorative unique pieces, for example, lamps with Agate slices. And of course come again amethyst druses in numerous sizes and shapes!

More pictures from Brazil here on Facebook.