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20. - 23. June 2019: Summer in-house exhibition in the mineral wholesale


Four great days around the world of gemstones and minerals!

During the summer in-house exhibition from 20th - 23rd June 2019. June 2019 is our sales exhibition in Ludwigsburg also on Saturday and Sunday open for you: From 9.00 to 18.00 clock you can browse to your heart's content in newly arrived goods, make bargains, enjoy delicious specialties from the grill and thus shop in a relaxed atmosphere.

The in-house exhibition is only open to invited trade visitors; please bring your personal invitation card, which we will send to you at the beginning of June.

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, please register here as a new customer!

Parallel to the summer in-house exhibition, the First Osterholz Festival takes place - look forward to numerous artists who have been inspired by the power of gemstones. You can find the current program here.

We look forward to your visit and wish you a good journey! You can find directions here.

Marco Schreier & Team


P.S.: An impression of the Summer Open House 2018 can be found here, pictures from the upcoming Summer Open House here on Facebook.


22. June 2019: People Meet People - People Meet Stones

The musicians and singers Susanne Waldfahrer and Georg Scheidl take advantage of a break to talk with musician and drum maker Mehrdad Hossein-Aghdaie of Art and Sound.

Experience the artists live: Program First Easterwood Festival

In addition to the many visitors who have already been to the Easterwood on the first two days of the fair, there are of course also many stones to discover:

Special showcase with mineral specimens from Pakistan

A classic in the sunshine: amethyst!


Lapis in all its varieties


Always unique: Petrified Wood


Little wonders of nature :-)


June 21, 2019: Impressions from the first day of the fair

A fragrant thing, the "tent of the winds"! Alexander Berk gives exciting insights into the world of incense. Enjoy with all senses!


In the "Tent of Tranquility" the sand mandala is created under the expert hands of Lama Tendar.


Sasi Lama translates the texts of Lama Tendar during the various meditations and introductions from Tibetan into German.


Somewhat exhausted by the many questions, but excited by the great interest in the artworks: The two artists Rita Koch and Rolf Hunkeler of gemstoneART.

The wonderful work "Golden Planet X1" has found yesterday already immediately a new owner.


We look forward to you:

Still until Sunday (23.06.2019) there is the opportunity to discover the many new goods and to experience the stones in very different ways at the First Osterholz Festival.

You can find the program with all events here.


June 20, 2019: Here we go'- the in-house exhibition is open!

The sun is shining, the tables in the tents are well filled with exciting minerals and the kitchen is also already hard at work - now we look forward to your visit!

The in-house exhibition is open from Thursday, 20.06. to Sunday, 21.06.2019 in each case from 9.00 to 18.00 clock for you.


June 19, 2019: The eagle has landed!

Rita Koch and Rolf Hunkeler, the two artists from gemstoneART, have arrived at the "Gallery of the Earth" with their new works. Feverishly, the two have worked over the past few weekends, but now he has landed in the Osterholz, the "Golden Eagle" in the artwork "Eagle Flight"!

"As king of the skies, as a power animal, the eagle has an impressive message: clarity, freedom and daring are the key words. The eagle asks us to take a different look at the different aspects of our lives," says the artists about their latest work.

June 19, 2019: Berk is here!


Also in the "Tent of Scents" next to the barbecue station and the "Gallery of Earth" is being diligently cleared and straightened: Company Berk - Inner Worlds builds the bargain market, large figures and and popular classics of smoking. With the handy purple shelving system, blue boxes and lots of hardworking hands, this tent will be complete by tonight too!


June 19, 2019: The Tent of Tranquility

The "Tent of Tranquility" is indeed the only quiet place in the whole of Osterholz at the moment. Everywhere else, cables are still laid, signs are hung, tables are filled with minerals, the barbecue is built and much more, so that everything is in place by tomorrow morning at 9.00 am.

Like an oasis of calm and completely unimpressed by the hustle and bustle around, Lama Tendar has begun to create the large sand mandala. With a steady hand and great spiritual knowledge, the mandala grows color by color, field by field.


18. June 2019: Slowly go's off!

Directly next to the gemstone mandala, the Fischer company yesterday set up the "tent of rest". Here Lama Tendar will begin today to prepare the great Sand Mandala. By the time it is completed on Sunday, it will be a unique work - a mandala is not only fascinating to look at, but its creation is also a religious act, comparable to a prayer. Therefore, we ask for silence so that Lama Tendar can undisturbed create the sand mandala that is dedicated to the Medicine Buddha of Healing.

The creation of the sand mandala will be celebrated on Thursday from 9.00 o'clock with a solemn ceremony to which we cordially invite you.

June 17, 2019: Move?!!?

In Easterwood right now, it looks like we'll be moving in the next few days: There are pallets and boxes everywhere; stools and pedestals, cabinets and wooden crates :-O

In fact, however, the company Fischer has already started very early today to set up the tents and thanks to the bright sunshine, the newly arrived goods and all' the equipment that is needed for an in-house exhibition, could already be brought to the yard on the shelves in the warehouse. From there, then, starting tomorrow, the tents will be filled and the whole infrastructure from the welcome tent to the barbecue station equipped.

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!

June 14, 2019: Opals on the move!

Also Opal-Charly is in the final preparations for the summer open house: The latest opal finds from Australia are still being sorted, labeled, and then packed; for the open house, you'll find them in the big tent just to the left of the entrance to the mineral shop.

Stare in wonder at the sparkling colors!


June 13, 2019: 3... 2... 1... Lapis!

Luckily, the many boxes with the new Lapis lazuli products were not yet open for inventory, because then we would have had to count the masses of items as well...

From the raw material that Marco Schreier selected during his visit to Pakistan in April, wonderful products have become: Kballs, donuts, hand charms, massage pens, polished pieces and more!


June 12, 2019: New home wanted!


Also company Berk - Inner Worlds is already fiercely in the preparations of the summer house fair!

This and other wonderfully detailed large brass statues are looking for a new home, for example as a decorative eye-catcher in a massage practice or a gift store. Of course, the full range of incense and accessories is also there, as well as numerous great bargains.

Don't forget to place your order for the bring-along service and benefit from 10% knife discount at the Berk company!


June 11, 2019: Mysterious Objects Arrived...


In one of the containers that arrived for the house fair, we found these interesting pieces. We still have to research a bit, but until the in-house exhibition we can provide you with all the information about this new acquisition.

But this much we can already reveal today: Sumatra - Zebra - Miocene are the keywords that describe this item!

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June 9, 2019: Weekend, my ass...


The artists of gemstoneART took advantage of the great weather over the long Whitsun weekend and just moved the final push for new artwork outside! It was sifted, hammered, knocked and glued - let next week on the long holiday weekend surprise you what has become of the contents of the blue boxes!

And discover at the open house the work of art in which the beautiful rutiles have been "obstructed"?


June 7, 2019: Sea freight again!

How the pictures resemble each other...

Of course, a sea freight from China has also arrived for this house fair. Numerous boxes are waiting to be unpacked and sorted. Let's see what comes to light!

But now first the long Pentecost weekend is announced, before then next week the final spurt to the summer in-house exhibition starts!

June 6, 2019: Waiting for the boss....

The various items from the shopping trip to Pakistan have now been unpacked, labeled and - as far as possible - can be ordered via our web store. Only a hand-picked lot of single, large mineral specimens and crystals is still waiting to be price-labeled. The corresponding invoice is a bit cryptic - the boss will have to get to it next week! At the moment, Marco Schreier is still traveling in Indonesia, but will of course arrive back in Ludwigsburg in time for the in-house exhibition. And then it's on to the prices, for example, for the Kunzite.


June 5, 2019: Has your invitation arrived yet?


A little over two weeks ago, the invitation to the Summer House Fair and Easterwood Festival hit the mail. Have you already received your personal trade visitor invitation?

If you are still missing this, please send us a short email to info@marcoschreier.de or call us at 07141 44 12 14!

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


June 4, 2019: Treasures and Treasures from Pakistan

Many concerned voices warned Marco Schreier about the country, only his old friend and colleague, Gerold Bölts, the former owner of the company Vogelflug and our supplier for the Alexander salt, saw it quite relaxed, simply traveled along and thus brought the experience of over 50 tours to Pakistan.

After the highly interesting visit to the salt workers in the Punjab, we went to the north of Pakistan, closer to many famous mineral sites and the border with Afghanistan. For all mineral collectors is especially the historic stone market Namak Mandi of importance and Marco Schreier had the great fortune to explore this place with a Pashtun trader friend.

Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli crystals, Ruby, Brucite, Faden Quartz and numerous other treasures from all over Pakistan as well as Afghanistan are offered by the traders, cutters and mine owners in Peshawar. We have carefully selected and will show you the treasures from Pakistan for the first time at the Summer Open House in the big tent. Many unique pieces, numerous small lots - therefore not suitable for the webshop and only available at the exhibition in Ludwigsburg!

June 3, 2019: (K)ein Bett im Kornfeld...

With the wide range of goods on offer at the Summer Open House, the extensive program of the First Easterwood Festival and the many interesting co-exhibitors, it is definitely worth coming to Ludwigsburg for two days as well!

So that you don't have to sleep in the cornfield, book your accommodation for the in-house exhibition now, e.g. at the Tourist Information Office of the City of Ludwigsburg.

And if you want to use the long weekend for a short vacation - how about visiting the Federal Garden Show in Heilbronn or "discovering the infinite garden" at the Landesgartenschau in Remstal? Both attractions are not far away!


May 29, 2019: Paaaaaauuuuuuuse!

From this afternoon is first break announced for the preparations of the summer house fair! We're taking advantage of the long weekend and taking inventory - every donut, every open jump ring, every massage pen and, of course, amethyst nozzles, bags of Alexander's salt and everything else must be counted over the next four days. The counting area slips are hanging, pens and calculators are ready. Our sales showroom and shipping department will be closed on Thursday (Ascension Day) and Friday. From Monday we will then ship your orders again, the exhibition in Ludwigsburg will then be open from Wednesday (05.06.2019) -and there will also be a Wednesday lecture on the subject of amethyst

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!

28. May 2019: This is the hammer!

What does the hammer have to do with alien galaxies? No, the tool is not made of extraterrestrial materials, but serves as an important tool for the two gemstoneART artists Rita Koch and Rolf Hunkeler in the production of their gemstone artworks. With hammer and chisel, large stones become small stones - and then fascinating works of art. The latest pieces from the series "Galaxies and Planets" you can marvel at the summer in-house exhibition in the "Gallery of the Earth" - and of course buy!

One work will probably the first time presented to the public at the summer in-house exhibition: "Eagle Flight"! At the moment still in the making - but we may already show a little bit:



May 27, 2019: Lama Tendar is coming!

The Edelstein Mandala is a popular draw during open house fairs for a bit of peace and quiet in the general hustle and bustle of the fair. During the Summer Open House and the First Easterwood Festival, Lama Tendar, the "builder" of the Gemstone Mandala, will be our guest again!

Each morning and evening he will guide a meditation at the mandala, during the day he will be available for questions, answers and explanations. Lama Tendar is also happy to report on his humanitarian projects for orphans and nuns in India, for which we collect donations during the open house.


May 27, 2019: The sun is shining again!

The snow flurries have disappeared; meanwhile, there is emptiness in the incoming goods, because we are in the middle of the preparations for inventory. Therefore, on Friday, the 31.05.2019 also the sales exhibition, the shipping and the telephone customer service are closed - the inventory is for the time being last big action; then it goes into the final spurt of the in-house exhibition preparations. And of course, starting Monday 03.06.2019, all orders and inquiries will be processed that have rolled in on the holiday and on the inventory days.

P.S. We already know the inventory of selenite lamps quite precisely before the inventory, because these were the ones in the snowstorm last week.

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


May 24, 2019: Snow flurries in Easterwood?!?

The sun is finally shining outside - but in our goods entrance it looks all white.."

What has arrived new here, we tell you on Monday after a hopefully sunny weekend!


May 22, 2019: Berk packs's!


At Berk Company, preparations for the Summer Open House in Easterwood are also slowly getting underway; many exciting bargains and clearance items are being collected for the "Tent of Winds".

Don't forget: Order Your desired articles of company Berk in time, the popular bringing service for the catalog articles of the company Berk there is of course again to the summer open house!

Infos on the assortment of the company Berk with numerous articles from the area of incense and incense sticks, meditation accessories and spiritual art can be found here on the website.


May 20, 2019: Everything is green!


Not only outside in the rain-soaked nature everything is green - also in our entrance warehouse dominates just the color of hope! New for the in-house exhibition: Chrysoprase drilled in various shapes and qualities as well as interesting patterned light green strands. With the strands, the designation "Variscite Mongolia" on the invoice initially made us suspicious, so we sent the strands to Berndhard brother to the EPI lab to be on the safe side. Today came the result: it is indeed Variscite!

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


May 13, 2019: How does amethyst sound?

Parallel to the summer in-house exhibition, the 1st Osterholz Festival will also take place:

We have invited people who have been inspired by the energy of gemstones - whether musically, as a picture or mandala. Look forward, for example, to Susanne Waldfahrer and Georg Scheidl, who have translated the message of amethyst and other gemstones into music. Listen to the relaxing combination of Smoky Quartz, Magnesite and Aventurine in the "Tent of Sounds" next to the grinding shop.

The detailed program with all the artists can be found here online and in your mailbox in early June!

And here you can already hear a bit how the amethyst and other popular gems sound!


May 8, 2019: Blue, everything is blue!


Selected on site in Pakistan in April, then shipped and now unpacked at Osterholz: Rawstones, Tumbled Stones and Tumbled Stones made of Lapis Lazuli!

Want to know more about the blue stone? Then read up here!


May 3, 2019: The stone has crawled into the mountain...

The first treasures from the tour to Pakistan have arrived in our incoming goods department and are just being unpacked: Faden Quartz!

These fantastic works of art of nature are created when, during crystallization of silica, the cleft in which this special Rock Crystal forms slowly drifts apart. The resulting Rock Crystal creeps, so to speak, into the newly formed fissures, forming unique specimens. On closer inspection, the name-giving thread is visible in the stone - the place where the Rock Crystal was torn apart by the movement of the mountain and then grew together again.

Pure nature - found in the region of Dera Ismail Khan in northern Pakistan at thousands of meters above sea level. Each stone is individually mined by hand, carefully cleaned and brought to the valley. Often, the search for Faden Quartz and other minerals is the only source of income for the population, as agriculture is not possible in the barren mountain regions.

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


April 23, 2019: Slalom time begins!

After Easter, slalom time has begun again: From all over the world, numerous barrels, pallets, crates and boxes arrive with new treasures from all over the world. Like slalom drivers, the colleagues from the incoming goods department and warehouse then have to drive around the shipments.

The first shipment has also already been unpacked and checked. Numerous new article numbers had to be created, because we have these articles so never in the assortment. Now baskets of new items await busy hands and price labels.


March 22, 2019: You know those curls?


Another commitment to the Summer Open House: Opal Charlie will be back with an extensive assortment of Australian opals: rough stones, cabochons, drilled stones and much more directly from Australia!


8. February 2019: Travel to the land of the shamans!

Once again, the instrument maker Mehrdad Hossein-Aghdaie will be present at the summer house fair in the Osterholz. Every two hours, there will be an approximately 15-minute short trip in the shamanic tradition before the grinding. After a brief introduction, all interested parties are invited to intuitively join in themselves and try out drums and flutes. A sensual self-experience, whether in a group or alone!
Find out more about the handmade instruments on the website of "Art and Sound"


January 2019: The first co-exhibitors are fixed!


For many years there has been a tradition that the company Berk - Inner Worlds comes to us for the summer house fair in Easterwood. Also in 2019 Berk will be there again and set up next to the "Gallery of the Earth" the big tent of fragrances. Sniff here times purely into the inner worlds of the company Berk!

Competent advice, tips and information about the energy and application of gemstones are available during the in-house exhibition at Monika Grundmann and Klaus Hüser. We are also happy to prepare your desired topic for the consultations - just send us your suggestions and ideas by email!