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Spring in-house exhibition in Ludwigsburg canceled - 1. online in-house exhibition since Monday, 16.03.2020

Our first MauliTV video - just click and start:

After an intensive exchange with the responsible authorities in Ludwigsburg, we unfortunately had to decide today that our spring open house can not take place. Despite the best preparation, it can not be ruled out that in the next few days, all events with over 200 people will be prohibited. Since health and safety of visitors and employees has priority, the cancellation has become unavoidable. become.

But we still want to celebrate with you a spring festival of the best prices and deals! Therefore, from Monday, 16.03.2020 to Sunday, 22.03.2020 the 1. Online house fair takes place!

You will receive for all purchases in our webshop the same conditions as when you visit the in-house exhibition with Online in-house exhibition discount up to 12% on discountable items.

Online home show discount is composed as follows:


  • From 100 to 499 euros net 3% on the discountable Articles
  • .
  • From 500 Euro net 12% on the discountable items.

Further we are the complete next week, including Saturday and Sunday by phone for you. Speak You are welcome to us on special requests and things that you might not have been able to find online. We look forward to Your message.  Our exhibition remains due to the implementation of the online in-house exhibition next week closed.

Thank you for your understanding and trust
Your Marco Schreier & Team



The opening hours of the spring in-house exhibition:

Friday, March 20, 2020: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 21, 2020: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, March 22, 2020: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  


As co-exhibitors have confirmed:


Monika Grundmann - Edelstein Balance

Klaus Hüser - Crystal Coach

Vita Jewel - gemstone water in its most elegant form!


March 28 & 29, 2020: Marco Schreier live with exciting gemstone stories



Many customers use the in-house exhibition to talk with Marco Schreier a little about the world of minerals and stones fachzusimpeln. About half of the year, he is on the road, for example, from Peru, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, the USA or from numerous small cutters in China exciting new gemstones, products and ideas to bring back.

At present, of course, no trip is possible, but nevertheless there are numerous interesting stories from over 30 Years of mineral wholesale to tell. Be there live - on 28.03.2020 from 7 p.m. to midnight, on 29.03.2020 from 17.30 to 21.30 clock at Juwelo TV.  Here on the homepage of Juwelo you will find detailed Details on how you can receive Juwelo TV.





March 23, 2020: Boulderopale - schöööön :-)

From now on, drilled Boulder Opals are also available to order online! Even though when we bought these beautiful, colorful stones had no idea how all our lives would change for a while in March 2020 - the steinheilkundliche effect fits like a glove on eye:

Boulderopals are used in stone healing in situations where humor and joie de vivre. is required. The mineral supports to infect other people with their own (life) joy and despite adverse circumstances not to lose courage.


Rummage here in our current offer!

March 22, 2020: amethyst druses online

Take a look: The first amethyst druses are online!

Look quickly, decide and order: Each piece is unique; you will receive exactly the piece pictured -. if you are quick enough and the piece is the first to land in your shopping cart.

Aquamarine crystals and Honduras unique pieces are also available to order online now, with more items to follow. Gladly we go we also respond to your wishes here - just send us a short email and we will put your desired aricles online as online as soon as possible. A short email with your wishes is enough!


March 20, 2020, 8:30h

On a normal first open house day, the parking lot would now be slowly filling up and soon the first Customers the novelties, which arrived to the in-house exhibition, marvel. For current cause this is unfortunately not possible, so that diese in-house exhibition online and on the phone stattfindet. For the creative of our customers we have loaded in the last few days again a new swing chain strands in the web store and also in Other product areas are constantly articles went online.

If you haven't found items you have on your shopping list online, pick up the phone and call us at 07141 - 44 12 33! We are happy - even on weekends! - Your eyes in the Osterholz and also pick out unusual rarities for you!


March 11, 2020: ******** We see starlets *******

Also in the other corners and floors in the Easterwood is hard at work to bring you next week a Top offer of new goods to present. Just sorting and labeling are these wonderful drilled Star Garnets from Brazil. This absolute gemstone rarity is a perfect fit for the times, as especially in the spring, the the garnet be a valuable companion; more information here.



March 11, 2020: WEDNESDAY BREAK!

This morning the long-awaited container finally arrived! First of all, many hundreds of boxes had to be unloaded, sorted and then be packed on pallets.

Then it's a matter of unpacking, sorting, checking, labeling - that will take us a few more days. but the things will be available for the in-house exhibition next week.

But for now, LUNCH BREAK! Bon appetite! After that it'll go on - there are still some boxes waiting....



March 10, 2020: Mosaic or what?!

What at first glance looks like a mosaic on a really classy floor, turned out at second View as lots of gorgeous chrysocoll cabochons :-)

All drilled and thus good to wear on the rustic leather strap or on the noble omega hoop.

And well in the time fits the Chrysoll also: balance and keep a cool head are the themes of this Gemstone.

If you are not yet a are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


March 09, 2020: Sleep well!

Many customers who come to the in-house exhibition take the opportunity for a short vacation in our beautiful baroque city of Ludwigsburg. Since our guest rooms were converted some time ago into apartments that are rented out by the week, an an overnight stay with us on the premises during the in-house exhibition unfortunately not possible.

However, you will find numerous accommodations in the city of Ludwigsburg - from youth hostels to mobile home sites to To the four-star hotel the spectrum reaches. Details can be found on the homepage of the city of Ludwigsburg.


06 March 2020: Drilled delicacies

Sorting, threading and labeling is underway again in the receiving area. From the trade show in Tuscon has come a slew of interesting drilled stone parts arrived, e.g. cabochons with dolomite crystals (serenity, patience and inner contentment) and intense purple stichtite (gentleness, inner peace, determination to implement necessary Measures).

From Monday goes's then on with a few smaller shipments and then we expect another large container, which must be prepared until the in-house exhibition - uffz! But for now, the weekend is in sight!


March 05, 2020: Everything on the web?!

New customers occasionally ask why it makes sense and is necessary to visit the in-house exhibition at all - there are doch soooo many articles online via the webshop orderable.

Generally correct - this morning there are exactly 11,584 different items from Tumbled Stones to floor stands with Gemstone jewelry available. Beyond that, however, there is much more to discover in our sales exhibition, e.g. rarities and unique pieces like this kunzite crystal, bargains, small lots and much more. All items that are too different  for the webshop or where only small quantities have arrived. And of course all the brand new items, which will be photographed, described and then put online only after the Are put, if there is still enough stock.


If you are not yet a are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


03 March 2020: Colorful!

At the moment, unpacking, sorting, labeling and tagging: Boulderopale drilled in. various shapes - and soooooo colorful!

With this sight, it is not surprising that Michael Gienger in his standard work "Healing Stones -. 555 stones from A-Z" about the Boulderopal writes "makes extroverted and helps to infect others with their own Infect joy".


The drilled opals are not only beautiful and colorful, but with prices starting from 15 € also very cheap!




February 27, 2020: jewelry, jewelry and more jewelry!

Also in the jewelry department, preparations for the in-house exhibition are in full swing!

From the Silberschmieden in Bali are numerous new pieces of jewelry and Kettenknüpf-Findings. arrived. Fortunately, some pieces are already labeled; many of the new items, however, must first be be put on, before it can go then to the price marking. But there is still a little time left until the Before that there will be a mala knotting course and the dates for the chain knotting workshops in the second half of the year have to be second half of the year must be determined.


February 26, 2020: mohawkit?!

The baskets of Tumbled Stone rarities are currently piling up in the goods receiving area. From a friends wholesale, whose owners have retired, we have a large batch of Tumbled Stone taken over. Included are Calcite in various colors, Rock Crystal with Fuchsite, Cryolite, green. chert (chert) and just also mohawkite, a very rarely occurring, from Michigan (USA) originating brass-yellow mineral mixture from Algodonit, Domeykit and Copper.


At the in-house exhibition you will find these delicacies in the large tent in the front courtyard - coming early ensures the best Selection! The lot is large, but spread out over many different types of stone!


February 25, 2020: creative spring is coming!

Numerous new, unprecedented strands of chain have now been unpacked, labeled and partially also already in the Webshop orderable - nothing replaces but the personal selection and be inspired in the strands department on the first floor of the mineral shop.

Here will be during the in-house exhibition also again four different half-hour workshops stattfinden, with which you quite simply, compact and inexpensive to get started in chain knotting. Registration is not required - you can join in at any time with one of the topics.

If you are not yet a are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


February 21, 2020: eldorado for gardening enthusiasts

Many of our customers come from further away or from abroad to our in-house exhibitions. "Such a Weekend with you is like a small vacation!" - about this compliment we are particularly pleased :-)

If you want to enjoy a bit of nature at the spring in-house exhibition after the stone shopping, then look then take a look at the Blühende Barock! It's season opening weekend at the open house!

Details on the "spring awakening" can be found here on the homepage of the baroque city of Ludwigsburg



February 20, 2020: Small but mighty!

After the large shipments with many pallets goes's now to the sifting and labeling these "little things":

Gold nuggets from Australia and the USA as well as beautiful dark blue sapphire crystals from Sri Lanka. It will be a little while before these items are ready for sale, but by to the spring in-house exhibition we will be ready in any case - there keeps us also the carnival not from!


February 19, 2020: Miracle Bag Incoming Goods

Before the in-house exhibitions with us in the goods receipt to look is almost like opening a miracle bag:


What's new arrived from around the world? New articles? Previously unknown types of stone? Or boring standard goods?

Whereby - "boring" does not exist with minerals and gemstones, because each piece is always a bit differently than the next. And even supposedly well-known items are still and always beautiful, such as. the small amethyst specimens from Uruguay that have emerged from the many flat white boxes.



February 18, 2020: Where is your home?

Where is your home? Where do you belong? asks Klaus Hüser during the spring house fair and also supplies There are two places that can give the vast majority of people the feeling of "being at home" and also "belonging to belong to": The family and the place of residence!

The relations between and within the both areas are often disturbed. So projections and entanglements in being together with the family, but also also Water veins, faults or other energetic disturbances at the place of residence to emotional and also physical challenges lead.

The crystal coach Klaus Hüser puts in his Short lecture at the in-house exhibition explains how a living space harmonization with gemstones is possible. With their steady and even vibrations, the right stones can make a very valuable contribution to stabilize and harmonize these problem areas! Here flows the shamanic knowledge and the power of the noble stones years tested strength of the noble stones in numerous, in the everyday life well to convert Tipps.

Der lecture with Klaus Hüser finds on all three house fair days in each case at 12.30 and 16.30 o'clock in the Book corner of the mineral shop takes place.




February 17, 2020: 3 - 12 - 15

This simple calculation of course also works for the spring home show: From 500 € net value of goods get You 12% house fair discountt on all discountable articles. And if you pay cash, with ec-card or SEPA direct debit immediately, you will receive an additional 3% discount on the total invoice amount! So in total you can get up to 15% discount on our low wholesale prices!

At the open house, bargains can also always be found - whether it's silver jewelry, decorative Large pieces or other goods. For these select items, regular wholesale prices are reduced by up to 50% reduced. You will then not receive any further discount on these then already significantly reduced prices. Excluded from the house fair discount are otherwise only articles of external companies (e.g. Farfalla, Sambol, VitaJuwel), CDs, DVDs, mineral cards, books and other printed products as well as silver Findings for jewelry design. jewelry design. The open house discount cannot be combined with other discounts, such as the loyalty discount.


February 14, 2020: It will be rearranged!


In the annex of the mineral shop is rearranged in the "crystal room" with the many amethyst druses. We need space for new merchandise and have to do a bit of rearranging.

Here goes's but only in the next week again - now is first weekend announced! At least for us here in the Osterholz; the Colleagues on the Inhorgenta in Munich are busy this weekend. Oiss Guade to Munich and tonight to Guadn!

February 13, 2020: sea water stone

Yesterday at our incoming goods department, it was clear why the Aquamarine bears its name:

Dreamlike crystals from Pakistan, translucent and light blue like sea water - "Aqua Marina", are unpacked, sorted, weighed and labeled.

Such a crystal placed at the desk supports very well the perseverance and gives foresight and Weiblick.



February 11, 2020: invitations go to press!

Finally, everything is ready for the home show invitation: The letters to the customers, the personal Invitation card, the envelopes and of course the new Lapis Vitalis catalog! The printing machines have started up!

But until everything has landed in our customers' mailboxes, it will still take about ten days.

If you haven't received your personal invitation by the beginning of March, please send us a quick email to. info@marcoschreier.de


February 07, 2020: even more Uruguay amethyst


Also today, the day in the goods receipt was entirely under the motto "Beautiful Uruguay Amethyst"! After the small druses of the last few days, it was now the turn of the individual pieces. Each one was examined and received a price label. And at the end all pieces were well packed on pallets again - to the in-house exhibition we will present the beautiful pieces then the first time for sale.

When you look at these wonderful unique pieces of nature, the chemical formula SiO2+(Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Li, Na) of the amethyst seems extremely banal...

P.S.: If you want to take advantage of the expected stormy weekend to learn about amethyst, then take a look times here for exciting info!

If you are are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then register yourself please here as a new customer!


February 05, 2020: amethyst babies from Uruguay


A large consignment of goods arrived yesterday from Uruguay, mainly with amethyst. With it are numerous small druses - of course all with the beautiful small, dark crystals, which are typical for the Uruguay amethyst are typical. Coming early ensures the best selection!

The amethyst druses are all weighed, priced and carefully packed on pallets again. To the in-house exhibition the babies then come to the light of day!


February 3, 2020: News from VitaJuwel





At our cooperation partner VitaJuwel are some new products in the pipeline, which the previous range with gemstone vials and drinking bottles complement. Therefore, we have invited VitaJuwel to present at the Spring in-house exhibition to present and advise on the cutting-edge products.

The new ViA bottle. "Sweetheart" with Rose Quartz, white Labrodorite, Mangano Calcite, Garnet, Rhodonite and. Rock Crystal has already arrived with us and now available for order online here.


January 30, 2020: new numbers, lots of new numbers!

The last shopping tour in the many small shops was very successful - there are numerous new strands arrived, which we have never had before. A lot of work for the colleagues from purchasing and Goods Receiving, because all new strands must first be created as articles and then labeled.

And that for over 150 chain strands - whew! One trend theme is definitely emerging for the design spring emerging: Gemstone jewelry with frosted elements - whether as a ball or freeform. Still as popular are the small glitter strands, which are, for example, as Chrome Diopside, Tourmaline (black), Tanzanite or Peridote. arrived.

Let yourself be inspired at the spring open house in the large tent in the front courtyard!

January 22, 2020: DETOX is on!

Even Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179) knew the Chrysoprase to "the heat of the juices to alleviate" and described the cool-soothing, calming and balancing energy of the bright green Gemstone. What even the wise Klosterfrau already knew is indispensable in modern stone medicine: Chrysoprase is the detox stone on all levels! Especially in spring, the stone can support you in getting rid of superfluous get rid of, let go and thus balanced to start the day.

The well-known Steinheilkundlerin and Buchautorin Monika Grundmann shows during the house fair in theory and Practice, how the Chryospras can be applied, e.g. treatments of the liver gall bladder meridian, the much-praised Liver wrap and the consumption of gemstone water. Also applications with fluorite and Peridote are presented in the context of the presented during the lecture. After the lecture, each guest will receive instructions for the Four-week Gemstone Balance® Detox cure - for easy replication in your own home or as an application in the practice.

The lecture takes place on all three house fair days in each case at 11.00 o'clock and 14.00 o'clock in the cultivation of the mineral shop instead of.



If you are not yet a are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


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