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Fire & Ice Gem Ritual

The Fire & Ice Gem Ritual is a further development of the classic hot stone application. Warmed basalt stones (hot stones) are laid on, as an opposing stimulus serves the cooling Magnesite. Through this alternating warm "Kneipp effect" the client experiences a deep and soothing relaxation, deeper than with the sole application with hot stones. The effect can be enhanced by the gemstone balance massage oils.


Gemstone used for Fire & Ice Gem Ritual

The original Fire & Ice Gem Ritual is performed with black basalt, white magnesite and iridescent Gabbro. Each of the three types of stones contributes to the success of the application through its mineralogical properties and the resulting special energy.

Basalt is a black to dark gray rock of volcanic origin, which were transported from the deep layers of the earth by volcanic activity to the earth's surface. Therefore these rocks carry among other things the information "Warmth, fire and new beginning" in itself, and are able to pass on this quality extremely well. Black stones are used in the stone medicine also for the absorption and can take up and lead away surplus tensions. By heating, the forces inherent in the basalt are activated, which the stone can deliver very well to the body during a heat application or massage.

The white, often with gray lines net-like interspersed Magnesite entsteht from the weathering of magnesium-containing rocks. The stone supports the ability to listen to yourself, so that inner peace can come. It helps to accept and love yourself. Life can be relaxed and calm approached - negativity is left behind, with dedication, the positive sides are lived out.

Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite) is a dark iridescent, sometimes interspersed with bluish or greenish parts magmatic rock. Unlike basalt, Gabbro crystallizes deep in the earth's crust. The stone is used in stone healing when it comes to new beginnings and new beginnings in life. Gabbro is the plutonitic counterpart of basalt, i.e. the mineral crystallizes deep down in the earth's crust from magma, which under other boundary conditions would have been transported to the earth's surface by a volcanic eruption and solidified there to basalt.


Differences to the classic hot stone application

The classic hot stone treatment uses overlay stones made of basalt, which are heated to a temperature of about 60 ° C in a water bath for this purpose. The targeted heat stimulus results in deep relaxation.  The Fire & Ice Gem Ritual is a further development of this hot stone application. Heated basalt stones (hot stones) are first placed on the back, then on the abdomen and body. Cooling Magnesite serves as an opposing stimulus. Through this alternating warm "Kneipp effect" the client experiences a deep and beneficial relaxation, deeper than when using hot stones alone. The effect can be enhanced by supplementing the gemstone balance oil blends.

Tool case Fire & Ice Gem Ritual

The  case contains everything needed to perform three different treatments; in addition to the classic hot stone application, two applications developed by the book author and founder of the Gem Balance® Monika Grundmann can be performed.

The case contains:

+ Trigger point rod made of Magnesite

+ Fire roller basalt

+ Phoenix Wings made of Magnesite

+ Phoenix-.Wings made of basalt

+ Massage stylus made of Gabbro

+ Massage ball made of Gabbro

+ Flat Stones made of Magnesite

+ Flat Stones made of basalt

+ Cards with the sequence of the three applications

With the total of 39 therapy and massage stones in some unique forms, as they are only found in the gemstone balance, three large full-body applications can be carried out.

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The Fire & Ice Gem Ritual is part of the treatment concept of the Gem Balance®.