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Reflexology with Gemstones

Reflex zones are the "maps of health" on our skin. In them they give us information about the regulations of body and soul. In addition, we can give effective impulses through them. In the meantime we know more than 30 reflex zone systems, e.g. on the hands, feet, ears, on the skull or on the back. The reflex zones carry a call that leads us to more well-being and gemstones bring out the beautiful sides in life more. Both together make crises more bearable and provide an overall sense of well-being.

Like the effects of reflexology, those of gemstones are backed by experience. Gemstones support the energies that flow in our organism. Depending on the stone quality, they can activate, calm, filter or transform these energies. Above all, they contribute to do the "necessary", that is, what turns the need.

TCM, meridians and reflexology

In the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meridians play a major role. They durcdraw the organism like irrigation channels and supply body and soul with the life energy Qi. There are 26 main meridians, 12 on the left side of the body, 12 on the right side of the body, one on the front midline and one on the back midline. The meridians have clear references to the organs and are named after them according to their affiliation. according to their affiliation, e.g. liver, lung, heart or kidney meridians. A further distinction is made by the YIN or YANG quality of the meridians. Yin is the receiving, the structuring, the feminine. Yang is the moving, the distributing, the masculine.

Basically, we can imagine the meridian system with the reflex zones as a large energetic irrigation system. If now such a channel leads too little energy, the plants would dry up - or transferred to our body: we have complaints or dysfunctions. Likewise, a too much, a too full channel causes problems. Here the vegetation would be flooded and equally suffer.

Such basic structures as the meridians have beyond the obvious physical functions a wide-ranging influence on our entire so-being, as on the thinking, on the emotions and for the mental balance. So is assigned to each meridian an emotion, in the case of the liver, these are the anger at fullness and procrastination at emptiness. This also affects the way of life. When there is a lack of energy in the liver meridian and in the gallbladder meridian, we lack motivation and all structures lack resilience. However, if these two meridians have too much energy, the affected people tend to have muscle spasms and tendon stiffness, hard decisions, unbridled anger and a barracks yard tone in the voice. Harmonious liver and bile meridians, on the other hand, ensure good planning, creative solutions and coherent decisions, a healthy immune system and good blood quality. Now every meridian has problematic effects when its energy is out of balance. Therefore, it is important to keep the meridians balanced in their individual energy situation and also in coordination with the other meridians to provide for a good harmony. The reflex zones are therefore the echo points of the inside on the outside.

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Five elements teaching

The basis of the connections of the meridian system is the five elements teaching. Wood burns through the fire. This produces ash, which becomes earth. Rocks are formed by the pressure of sediments, which corresponds to metal. From the sources of the mountains springs water, which in turn is the basis for the growth of trees, wood. On the other hand, there is also the control cycle: Water controls fire, fire can be used to melt metal, an iron axe can cut down trees, Trees consume earth, and dams of earth keep water in check.

This Circle of Elements is an energetic microcosm within us in both directions, connected by the meridians. In it there are large navigable channels on the surface, distribution centers with small supply lines inwards to the organs and we even find reservoirs in it, which can be tapped in emergency situations. Wind, cold, damp, heat, fire and drought are the most significant disturbances that can cause meridians to slag, constrict, expand inappropriately or cause the locks to stop functioning properly. These disturbances, of course, are not just meteorological factors. TCM has a broader understanding of this as well. Thus with the heat the exuberance is connected, with the dryness the sadness or with the wind the anger. Of course, these principles also apply in everyday life. For example, we know that almost all cultures in tropical and subtropical regions eat very spicy food. If we take into account the Five Elements teachings, water is regulated by fire, so spicy food keeps sweating under control.

Echo dots

When it comes to relief or maintaining the good status quo, TCM tries to prevent deeper penetration of disturbing factors into the YIN areas of the body. Thus, the YANG meridians are responsible for the absorption and elimination of disease factors. But how does this work in practical terms? This is where the locks come into play, the acupuncture or acupressure points, the echo points of the body.

Even though we can locate these points, they are basically energetic in nature.We find no physical substrate. Here we are on a level with the crystals and minerals. Here, too, we are in a position to observe their Effect by application to test, but their mechanisms of action still elude scientific understanding. When a meridian is empty, we should provide a supply of energy. Red Jasper, Orange Calcite or Obsidian are good gemstones for this purpose. With the styluses of these gems, we would draw the meridian along its direction of flow. The situation is different for a meridian with a problematic abundance. Such a meridian requires derivation. Gemstone wands of Aventurine, Amethyst, Sodalite or Magnesite would be stones of choice here to draw along the meridian against the direction of flow.

Here once again the function of activating and calming gemstones becomes clear. Before that, however, we must check the relevant meridians for their filling state. Continuing and much more interesting for advanced is the overall view of the meridian relationships. After checking and plotting in a diagram, a picture emerges of how the overall system can be harmonized, which locks should be operated for this purpose, and which gemstone qualities can be used for this purpose. Here begins a detective game with energies that makes us as well as our clients satisfied.

Basic gemstome reflexology treatment

To start, we recommend preparing your reflexology area with a good massage oil and pleasant massage strokes. After that, choose the appropriate Stylus for your gemstone reflex. You can be guided for this by your feeling and the directions of action of the gemstones. Going further, the Stylus can of course be best selected with various test methods, for example, with the pendulum, the muscle test or the pulse test. 

The most important massage techniques are strokes and circles. With this you may massage your reflex zones, for example, on the hand systematically with your Stylus. You circle each place about 3 to 4 times softly and pleasantly on the place and then move on to the next spot. Make sure that you do not slip and loosen up your massage in between again and again with strokes.

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Ewald Kliegel - Master of Reflexology

Developer of the gemstone riffle for massage is the alternative practitioner Ewald Kliegel. Mr. Kliegel has run his own practice in Stuttgart for many years. Healing and teaching are his calling. He has been working on patients for 35 years, initially as a medical masseur later as a non-medical practitioner and lecturer at non-medical schools. From his practice he developed the Massage Stylus and wrote the classic "Massage with Gemstone Styluses" which has been translated into several languages. With a unified symbolic language for 42 reflex zone systems, the description of their backgrounds and applications as "Maps of Health" on CD-ROM, he had already made a name for himself before. His current research interest is focused on the organs in their mental-spiritual characteristics and functions.

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