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Be mindful with stones:

Discharging, cleaning and recharging gemstones

It goes without saying that treatment stones for wellness and massage applications, which are used consecutively for several customers, must be hygienically cleaned from skin residues and other contaminants. Even wellness stones that are only used personally, such as the Yoni Eggs, must of course be cleaned and stored appropriately.

Stones and minerals store but through their application, for example, as a massage stone or a stone for application also information, which represent a kind of "energetic pollution". All jewelry stones, hand charms, pocket stones and stones that have been used for massage and wellness, this "invisible ballast" attaches, which comes from previous uses and the environment in which the stone was.

Introduced information is quite perceptible in stones! Who would like to be treated with a stone, to which a disease information adheres! Therefore, a cleaning on a spiritual and energetic level is indispensable.In order to free the stones from adhering foreign information, in practice proven cleaning methods are available.

Mechanical-material cleaning

If you have acquired a new stone, it should first be thoroughly cleaned and washed. The simplest and very effective method for unloading stones is running water. Hold the stone under the water jet for at least a minute and vigorously rub the surface. Gradually, as you do this, the resistance increases and the movement of your fingers on the surface slows down. This indicates that the stone is discharged and thus already a part of the immaterial pollution has been removed.

If the stone is very dirty, use a biological detergent and brush the stone. Caution: Water-soluble stones, such as Halite and Ulexite, must not be subjected to this treatment, of course. For opals, avoid cleaning agents as they can alter the water content responsible for opalescence and make the stone dull and cloudy.


Energetic cleaning

By placing stones on a Amethyst-Segment or an amethyst druse, foreign energies and information are gently cleared.

To cleanse on amethyst, the stones in question simply need to be placed in an amethyst druse or on a piece of amethyst druse. The energy radiating from the crystal tips penetrates the stones placed on it with the "cleansing information" so that all foreign information is released. If the stones were previously discharged under running water, two to three hours are sufficient. If this is not possible (e.g. with stone chains), eight to twelve hours is the necessary minimum. It can also be longer, there is no such thing as "too much"!

The most important things to know about cleaning amethyst:

+ Time: Before using a stone for the first time and always after setting it aside - or if you feel it is necessary!
+ Duration: Two to three hours after unloading, otherwise eight to twelve hours, or even longer.
+ Suitable for all stones except amber: Amber is a fossil resin. Information is anchored more firmly in it than in other stones. It is therefore best unloaded and then placed in the midday sun for several days. This is the only way to remove foreign information from amber.

Hematite also has an energetic cleansing effect on much-used jewelry and wellness stones. To discharge the stones are simply placed on a selection of hematite tumbled stones or hematite chips or covered with them.

After a thorough material cleansing, rock crystal tumbled stones or rock crystal cluster are particularly suitable for the regeneration and recharging of intensively used stones. In principle, any supply of energy will recharge a stone. Ambient heat, sunlight or body heat also provide the stone with new energy. When a stone is recharged, new foreign information often enters it. When we warm it in our hands, for example, it already absorbs a lot of information from us. For this reason, charging with rock crystal groups is often preferred.

Rock crystal is a neutral quartz (only if it has been purified, of course!), which always supports and strengthens what already exists. It has long been known that rock crystal enhances the properties of other stones without changing them. Unlike amethyst, however, rock crystal does not have a cleansing effect. Its information is completely neutral: "Be who you are!"

Smoking with incense and other aromatic substances is an effectivemethod known in virtually all cultures for the clarification and purification of rooms and objects.Smoking supports any cleaning process and helps to clear even stones of adhering negative energies.

As salt cleanses on both a physical and energetic level, it is also suitable for cleaning and discharging stones. Immersion in a water-salt solution is suitable for quartz and insensitive minerals, but some stones, such as opals, turquoise and amber, are damaged by such a salt bath. The indirect method is much better. To do this, put enough salt in a slightly larger bowl made of glass or ceramic (please do not use plastic!), form a hollow in the pile of salt and place a smaller container in it, into which you put the stone, necklace or piece of jewelry to be unloaded. This is protected from direct contact with the salt.

After leaving this arrangement for a few hours or overnight, the salt has gently dissolved all energetic impurities from the stone. Our natural Alexander salt is particularly suitable for energetic cleansing.

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