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Eudialyte - meaning and effect

Eudialyte supports in accepting one's weaknesses and learning from mistakes. Thus, self-knowledge and insight lead us to reorient oneselves where necessary and initiate change. Through the mobilization of energy reserves it is possible to tackle new tasks full of zest for action and thus turn everything to the good.


Mineralogical profile Eudialyte

Chemical formula: SiONa15Ca6 + Fe, Mn, Zr,

Mineral class
: Silicates and germanates; ring silicates
Color: pink to reddish purple, yellow and brown tones
Gloss: vitreous luster
Crystal system: trigonal
Moh hardness: 5.0 - 5.5
Cleavability: perfect to indistinct; conchoidal, uneven fracture
Localities: worldwide, mainly Sweden, Russia (Kola Peninsula), Norway, Australia, China, Madagascar, USA, Canada (Quebec), Greenland and Czech Republic.
Evolution: primarily by liquid magmatic formation in intermediate plutonites, mostly syenite
Appearance: massive to granular aggregates or gangue-like masses
Availability: rare

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Origin of the name Eudialyte and synonyms

The name Eudialyte is derived from the Greek terms "eu" (good, capable) and "dialytos" (decomposable, decomposable). It was named in 1819 by Friedrich Stromeyer, who studied and described the easily fusible and slightly acid-soluble stone.

Synoyme are Greenland hyacinth, almandine spar (misleading), barsanovite and eucolite. In Lapland, one of the places where Eudialyte is found, the stone is also called "Blood of the Saami" because, according to legend, the stone was formed when the Sámi fought a giant on the Kola Peninsula.

Meaning and bearing of Eudialyte

In industry, Eudialyte is important for the production of highly refractory ceramics, as well as in chemistry, electrical engineering, metallurgy, and rocketry.

In terms of gemstone healing, Eudialyteis a newcomer, as the mineral only entered the market as a Tumbled Stone in 1996. It quickly became clear that the stone can be supportive in new beginnings, as doubts, wrong decisions and (old) patterns become clear. Own weaknesses can be accepted more easily - thanks to the Eudialyte the insight is followed by the energetic implementation. In this way, resistance can be overcome and changes can be made. If necessary, energy reserves can be mobilized so that one can fully tackle (new) tasks. As a result, one's own personality is strengthened and life is experienced more intensively. 

Application of Eudialyte in gemstone healing

Eudialyte is used in stone healing in each case only briefly and in active activities, so that the awakened energies can be used immediately. Popular are wearing it as a piece of jewelry or carrying it in your pocket.

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