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Stone of the Month October 2022: Pinolite

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The days are slowly but surely getting shorter in October, the nights cooler. With a last burst of colors, nature says goodbye to hibernation. The time of reflection and pause begins, with cozy long evenings we look for we strengthened the community, the proximity and warmth of our fellow men.

Pinolite gives us patience and balance, but also brings strength and energy. Patiently and calmly we can implement our projects, continue and bring them to an end. Here pinolite strengthens our attentiveness and clarity, so that we can act more purposefully. act more purposefully. Outdated things and ideas can be let go, the common sense and a pragmatic view are strengthened.


Mineralogical Profile Pinolite

Pinolite is a mixture of Magnesite, Dolomite and Graphite.

Chemical formula, mineral class: MgCO3

Origin: secondary to weathering of magnesium-bearing rocks

Color: dark grayish-black with light grayish-white elongated areas


Transparency: opaque

Crystal system: trigonal

Moh hardness: 3.5 - 4.5

Spaltability, fracture: perfect; conchoidal, brittle

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Findings and main supplying countries

The most famous and, until a few years ago, the only place where pinolite was found is in Austria (Sunk in Styria). In the past 150 years, this mineral was thought to occur only in one deposit. In 2018, a group of gold miners found. of the Canadian Pinolite Corporation (CPC), however, also happened to find the pinolite in the mountains of British Columbia (Canada). The rock formation was described in a mining report back in the mid-1990s, but then fell into oblivion.

Canadian pinolite contains minor traces of additional minerals such as quartz, titanite, zircon, apatite, and possibly muscovite. Radiometric dating estimates that this mineral formed about 500 million years ago.

Names and Synonyms

Pinolite was named for its appearance. The white magnesite crystals, which stand out clearly from the dark parent rock, resemble pine nuts. According to the botanical name "Pinus pinea" for pine tree, the literal translation of pinolite is "pine stone". Synonyms are ice flower stone and ice flower magnesite.

History and use

During World War II, pinolite was mined extensively by Germany and the Axis powers because of its high manganese content. Manganese was important for iron and steel production, for the manufacture of weapons, tanks, trains, aircraft, ships and submarines. After the end of the war, mining continued until 1991. According to estimates, there were 5.5 million tons of pinolite at the beginning of the Lower Tauern in Austria between 1904 and 1991. Most of this material has been mined, which makes the remaining pieces of pinolite all the more valuable. Since 2013, new owners have resumed operation of the mine and the extraction of this beautiful mineral has continued.

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Applications in stone healing

The energies that Pinolite emits cause all users to feel unfamiliar, regardless of experience. Upon touch, one will immediately notice the subtle, soft vibration that the stone gives off. It can be described as a cooling sensation That resonates directly to the core. Soon, one begins to feel a deeper connection to oneself as the energies of Pinolite work towards opening the heart chakra and emotional body. This unique mineral helps one to access the crown, heart and root chakras, creating an energetic channel to ground thoughts, emotions and ideas. Through Meditation with Pinolite, one is able to go into the depths of one's heart and mind to reveal one's True inner potential to be revealed.

Pinolite helps one to look forward while reminding one of the constant growth one has already gone through. The gemstone is a good companion when one sets out to on the way to consistently follow the path of life. Pinolite is said to serve as an amulet of power, it is recommended to carry a piece with you every day to be able to tune into the helpful energy. First experiences with Pinolite as a therapy stone indicate that the stone has an influence on the crown, the heart and the root chakra. An astrological assignment has not yet been made.

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