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Variscite - Meaning and bearing of a light green gemstone

If we become too sedate and passive, the"pick-me-up" Variscit gives us a little push and activates energy reserves. Rational thinking and attention are supported, so that we can clearly express our desires and ideas and communicate understandably. Varisit gives truthfulness and alertness, so that our authenticity is supported.

Scientific profile Variscite

Chemical formulaAlPO4-2H2O + As, Cu, Fe, Mg
Mineral class: Phosphates
Color: colorless, yellow-green, apple-green, blue-green, very rarely pink or red. In commerce, mostly green stones are found; iron is color-giving.
Gloss: waxy luster to vitreous luster
Crystal system: Orthorhombic
Mohs hardness: 4
Cleavability: good resp. indistinct (depending on direction), conchoidal, brittle fracture
Localities: numerous localities; in trade mainly from Utah (USA), Australia and Mongolia
formation: Near or at the earth's surface by the action of circulating phosphate-bearing fluids on aluminum-bearing rocks, which then weather. Variscite then settles as fissure fill.
Appearance: racemose, bulbous or massive mineral aggregates and crusty rock coatings

Availability: rare

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Origin of the name Variscite and synonyms

The name Variscite derives from the first known locality of the mineral in the Vogtland (Latin: Varisca); the spelling Varizit or Variskit are therefore not correct. The first mineralogical description was made by the Freiberg professor Johann Friedrich Breithaupt in 1873; at that time it was common to name minerals after Greek or Latin terms.

More common synonyms are Utalite,Californian Turquoise or Utha Turquoise due to the currently most important locality in Utah (USA). Other names for Variscite are Lucinite, Meyersite, Peganite, Redonite, Sabalite, Spherite, Tangaite as well as Trainite and Phosphorchromite.
Variscite with Quartz is called Amatrix or American Matrix, a misleading and wrong name is Lemon Chrysoprase.

Meaning and bearing of Variscite in gemstone healing

Variscite makes one alert and attentive; the mineral encourages and supports a positive attitude toward life. Clear, rational thinking is strengthened, making it easier to express oneself clearly.

On the spiritual level, Variscite strengthens truthfulness and authenticity. With the help of the green stone you show yourself as you are; pretending and deceiving is difficult to impossible.

Popular is the Variscite as a gemstone for jewelry as well as for encouragement as hand flatterer, especially for the left hand. A good start to the day is made possible by meditating in a Variscite stone circle or with a cut of Variscite.

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