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Zarinite - bearings and meaning of a brand new gemstone

The copper mineral Zarinit promotes the sense of aesthetics, harmony and beauty in this sometimes perceived as monotonous time. Our view is directed to the small wonders of life, to which we would have paid little attention at other times of the year. attention in other times of the year. Our depleted reserves also receive another energy boost from the zarinite and reach a good level. Thus we can come in harmony with nature also inwardly to the rest and the tasks still pending with a cool head and full of playful creativity tackle.


Mineralogical profile Zarinite

Chemical formula, mineral class: Azurite, Malachite, Cuprite, Copper, Gibbsite Al (OH)3

Formation: Tertiary, associated with copper deposits

Color: Zarinite offers a variegated play of colors. Red, yellow, blue, green, brown - due to the many minerals involved, almost all colors can be found in the stone. Predominant is mostly the color spectrum of copper minerals, ie. Red-brown as well as blue, Turquoise and green.

Gloss: Glass luster at the main component Cuprite

Crystal system, Mohs hardness and cleavability: as the main component Cuprite

Localities , main supplying countries: Mining of tsarinite rough stones takes only place in Russia (Kamenushinckoye, Kemerovo oblast)

Appearance: derbe masses.

Use: Zarinite is a new precious and therapeutic stone, which was discovered only in 2015; its exact therapeutic uses are currently being researched. Due to its high copper content, it promotes the sense of aesthetics, harmony and beauty and increases creativity in a playful way. Energetically undersupplied areas receive a new energy boost, overall Zarinit has a balancing effect and helps to find inner peace more easily and to keep a cool Head to preserve.

Availability: Rarity.

Items made from Zarinite, e.g. tumbled stones, massage stones and drilled stones at wholesale prices 

Zarinite - a copper mineral 

Copper, the main component of Zarinite, promotes the sense of aesthetics, beauty and justice, as well as the development of spiritual culture. The metal was assigned to Venus, goddess of love, beauty and harmony, in ancient times. It promotes friendship and love for all beings and helps to show feelings openly. It stimulates imagination, fantasy and dream activity and helps to achieve emotional balance. Important copper minerals, besides zarinite, are azurite, Chrysocolla, Covellite, Cuprite, Malachite, and Turquoise.

Use of Zarinite in gemstone healing

Zarinite is a new precious and therapeutic stone that was only discovered in 2015. Its therapeutic uses have not yet been explored. It can be assumed that due to its high copper content, the spectrum of action is similar to that of cuprite. Minerals with a strong copper content promote the sense of aesthetics, harmony and love and increase creativity in a playful way. They improve the general well-being and give energetically undersupplied areas a new energy boost. energy boost. They help to find inner peace more easily, alleviate aggression and transform feelings of guilt into self-respect, courage and forgiveness.
A specific astrological assignment  for the Zarinite does not yet exist. Because of its high copper content, it is best assigned to the signs Taurus and Libra, for both of which Venus is the natal ruler.

Laborious mining of zarinite in Russia (Kamenushinckoye, Kemerovo oblast)