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Only in mineral wholesale Marco Schreier: Mole Savings Book

Save and win with the Mole Savings Book

In addition to our loyalty discount system, where you can save up to 12% and various payment options, where you receive a 3% discount, there is an additional way to save when you purchase from us at wholesale: The Mole Savings Book!

The Mole Savings Book is our thank you for your time and effort to come to us, pick out the merchandise and carry it yourself. You will receive your Mole Savings Book on your first visit to our sales showroom in Ludwigsburg.

Rules of the game:

+ For every 100 € net merchandise value you receive one stamp in your personal Mole savings book.

+ Entries can only be made at the direct time of purchase and not afterwards.

+ If you have ever forgotten your passbook at home, we will be happy to issue you a new one. At the next visit, we then carry both passbooks together.

+ If the passbook is full, we deduct once 50 € from your bill.

+ Please take good care of your passbook - no replacement in case of loss!

+ Stamp in the passbook you get when buying directly in the Sales Exhibition Ludwigsburg, not in shipping!


Drawing of the winners:

+ Each completed passbook will be entered into the grand drawing on Tuesday after the Christmas Open House.

+ We will be giving away five shopping vouchers - one each of €500 and €250, and three times €100.

The winners

On 14.11.2023, after the in-house Christmas fair, we chose the five winners of the shopping vouchers. The lucky fairies and lucky elves Clayton, Elisa, Özlem, Patrizia and Tomaso drew the savings books, Marco Schreier was the lucky messenger and notified the winners. For data protection reasons, we cannot publish the names here - but all five winners have been notified and are very happy.