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Moss Agate - Meaning and bearing of the Gemstone

Moss Agate dissolves old patterns, increases awareness and frees from burdens. With its support, we can look at the experiences of the past months under a new perspective and develop ideas and strategies for the rest of the year. The stone increases self-awareness and the ability to communicate and thus helps to regain courage and solve problems even in difficult situations. Dynamic and practical, we can thus once again take off thanks to the effect of Moss Agate and energetically shape the rest of the year.

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Mineralogically, Moss Agate is a chalcedony and thus belongs to the quartz group. It forms smooth transitions to Chalcedony and Heliotrope (Bloodstone) and can therefore be fused with them. Moss Agate got its name from the dark green inclusions and streaks that look like moss. These inclusions are mostly magnesium iron silicates. Synonyms and trade names for Moss Agate are Moss Chalcedony, Moss Jasper, Indian Agate and Medfordite. If Hematite inclusions are also present, it is called Volcanic Jasper.



Less well known is the pink Moss Agate, also called Manganese Moss Agate, where the inclusions consist of pale pink to brown iron and manganese oxides. The formation is similar to that of the green Moss Agate, only here oxygen or oxidizing compounds must also be present in the solution, so that brown-pink oxides are formed instead of green silicates.

Moss Agate uses in gemstone healing

The green Moss Agate is used in gemstone medicine - in addition to the cases described above - when the release of burdens and restrictions is required. Old connections, which are not based on self-determination and love, can be dissolved by the effect of Moss Agate; the liberation from spiritual chains is the result. Thus power for transformation is given to go new ways. Therefore, Moss Agate is also called the stone of liberation. In addition, the lively thinking and communication to humans, plant and animal kingdom are stimulated by the green Moss Agate. Up to the modern literature you can find again and again the reference that Moss Agate strengthens the love of nature due to its plant-like signature.

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Mineralogical profile of Moss Agate 

Chemical Formula: Mineral Class: SiO2

Mineral Class: Oxide, Quartz Group, Chalcedony

Formation: Secondary fissure filling from silica solution in which penetrating silicates form green streaks

Color: colorless milky to light blue with green inclusions

Gloss: Wax luster

Crystal system: trigonal

Mohs hardness: 6.5 to 7

Cleavability: no splitability, rough fracture

Streak: white

Transparency: translucent

Localities: India, Burma, Botswana


Appearance: rough pieces with inclusions of green streaks, threads or moss-like branched formations
Use: Moss Agate is a gemstone with millennia of tradition and is also used in arts and crafts to bowls and decorative pieces. Due to its attractive visual effect Moss Agate is worn with pleasure as jewelry, e.g. necklace, pendant or bracelet.

The astrology uses the effect of Moss Agate to strengthen the free spirit and the ability for spiritual renewal in Gemini-born people, and for Taurus-born people to free themselves from attachments.

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