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Shattuckite - Bearing and meaning

Shattuckite is a good balancing stone in these hectic times, helping us to keep a cool head. Despite the sometimes daily ups and downs and constantly changing wishes and demands on us, we can live life in a calm and balanced way. We leave ballast and worries behind us and look forward to the new year ahead full of energy and strength.

Mineralogical profile Shattuckite

Formula: Cu5(SiO3)4(OH)2

Class: Silicates and germanates

Formation: secondary in the oxidation zone of copper deposits, usually associated with other copper minerals and quartz

Color: various shades of blue, sometimes Turquoise

Luster: silky luster

Crystal system: orthorhombic

Mohs hardness: 3.5

Cleavage: perfect

Localities: Shattuckite was first discovered in the USA: in the "Shattuck Mine" near Bisbee in Arizona - and the mineral was named after this location. Localities of the mineral can be found all over the world, e.g. on Heligoland, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Namibia, Norway and England - the particularly colorful Shattuckite comes from Argentina.

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Use of Shattuckite in gemstone healing

As a fairly newly discovered mineral, Shattuckite has only gained attention in recent years. Due to its colorful, interesting veining, Shattuckite is often cut as a cabochon and made into jewelry.

Shattuckite conveys freshness and promotes flexibility; the mineral also makes it easier to make new contacts. The ability to express oneself is strengthened so that misunderstandings can be avoided or cleared up. The blue-green gemstone makes it possible to be more tolerant and generous in dealing with others and to grant more freedom. Ballast and worries can be released with the support of the stone so that new projects can be tackled with greater strength.


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