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Amethyst - Meaning and Effect


Amethyst promotes our gspiritual alertness and the sense for the mystical sides of our Life. Sincerely and honestly, with its support we can look at ourselves as well as our Fellow human beings and also face unpleasant realizations. Unprocessed impressions clarify inner peace moves in - so strengthened we can constructively shape our future. The purple amethyst awakens and supports the sense of spirituality in us. Judgment and sense of justice can be strengthened, so that honesty and sincerity can grow. Unprocessed things come to the surface and can be actively managed, inspiration and intuition are sharpened, concentrated sharpened, concentrated thinking and acting supported. Thus also unpleasant sensations can be processed well. be processed well. The clarifying, purifying energy of
Amethyst helps us to more (self-) knowledge. A Conciliatory attitude towards ourselves and our environment becomes possible.

Amethyst supports the sense of spirituality and the realization of the reality of the spirit. As a meditation stone, it helps to find deeper inner peace and to discover the inherent wisdom of the self to discover.

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Mineralogical profile of amethyst

Chemical Formula: SiO2+(Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Li, Na)

Mineral Class: oxide, quartz group

Origin: magmatic in almonds of basic volcanic rocks, rarely on fissures and ore veins

Color: purple due to iron and natural radiation

Gloss: vitreous luster

Crystal system: trigonal

Mohs hardness: 7

Cleavability: no splitability, conchoidal fracture, brittle

Localities, main supplying countries: southern Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul - to amethyst druses weighing tons), Uruguay, Mexico (very beautiful crystals from Vera Cruz), Namibia, Zambia, Australia, India

Appearance: Six-sided crystals that rarely show prisms. Mostly the crystal tips on tooth-like "roots" and thus line entire rock cavities (druses).


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Already in 1350, the naturalist Konrad von Megenberg enthusiastically stated, "Amethyst. drives away evil thoughts and brings good sense". Amethyst is found in numerous historical treasures and has remained one of the most popular gemstones to this day.

Astrology knows amethyst as a stone that, in Virgo-born people, promotes clear mind, Judgment and effectiveness, and in Widder-born promotes patience. In the Indian medicine wheel, amethyst is the totem of the Brown Bear Moon (Virgo).

Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone that has been used as a gemstone since ancient times. It is a violet-colored quartz that is most often found in cavities in volcanic rock, also called basalt. The Amethyst itself is not a volcanic rock, but was
later formed, after which the basalt cooled down was. The purple color is caused by traces of iron in the crystal. The color is rarely uniform and most Most amethysts have colorless and dark zones. Even very high quality and expensive stones often have thin layers of light to dark changing color that run parallel to the surface.

Amethyst was once very expensive, but since farmers in southern Brazil discovered very large deposits around 1860, most of the most of the world's amethysts come from Brazil.