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Bronzite - Meaning and Effect

After exhausting, stressful times in life, Bronzite helps to find now finally also recovery and peace and allow regeneration. When external circumstances and (perceived) obligations sometimes leave us almost no breathing space, we find with the support of the brown-glittering stone the necessary leisure to leave the world to itself and to take care of our own needs. If we can not escape the demands of everyday life, the Bronzite supports us to meet the desires of the environment more calmly. The stone-healing effect of the mineral has also earned the bronzite the nickname "parent stone" earned.

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Mineralogical profile of Bronzite

Chemical Formula: (Mg,Fe)2[Si2O6]

Mineral Classe: Chain Silicate

Evolution: igneous, rock-forming mineral in Gabbro

Color: bronze, brown,

Gloss: metallic vitreous luster

Crystal system: rhombic

Moh hardness: 5.5

Cleavability: distinct cleavability

Before, main supplying countries: South Africa, Austria, Brazil, India, but also in Germany and Austria

Appearance: speckled, sheaf-like aggregates

Use of Bronzite

Bronzite is used in technology as a raw material for highly refractory materials. As a gemstone, bronzite is used rather rarely due to its rather unspectacular appearance at first glance, but in the stone medicine according to Michael Gienger bronzite enjoys growing popularity.

In astrology, Bronzite is used for Aquarius-born to make one's life active and varied, while still maintaining calm and composure in all situations.

The mineral received its name in the 18th century from the Berlin Oberbergrat Dietrich Ludwig Gustav Karsten due to the glittering bronze color of its cleavage surfaces. Now obsolete synonyms are phaestine and schiller spar, and the mineralogical name is ferro-enstatite.

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