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Coral - why not?! 

Jewelry with coral or stringed beads of coral are always in demand with us. Understandably, because hardly any gemstone reaches the popular intense red color of coral!  

But we have nevertheless decided not to carry products with coral in our wholesale assortment. The ever-increasing demand for coral is leading to its destruction and irreversible intervention in the ecosystem of the world's oceans, which has already been attacked by other environmental factors. Divers in search of treasures - both treasures from the realm of nature and sunken shipments - uncontrolled overexploitation, fishing by trawl nets, environmental and water pollution and climate change are already putting an extraordinary strain on nature. According to oceanographers, the destruction of coral reefs is already progressing faster than the overexploitation of tropical rainforests.

Therefore we have decided not to offer coral products, even if by this decision some order "goes through the rags" and the one or other customer with annoyance or incomprehension reacts - the protection of our environment is more important to us here!

As a good alternative to the classic coral for stone healing purposes recommended the well-known author Michael Gienger already in 2004 Petrified Coral. Petrified Coral articles have not been cut from endangered or protected species, but come from fossil corals found in Indonesia as large rough stones, formed about 15 million years ago.

More information on Petrified Coral can be found here.