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Gallery of the Earth - Unique Pieces of Nature

Stones touch us on many levels. They speak to us quite directly with bright colors and fascinating shapes, but also awaken in us sensations, a sense of belonging to creation, which encompasses us just as the realms of plants, animals and just minerals. With the Gallery of the Earth, a long-cherished dream of Marco Schreier has come true: to offer these works of art of nature their own framework and to show that minerals and fossils - in addition to their material, historical and scientific value - also possess a beauty and aesthetics that can rival any work of art and that can enrich all living spaces.

Working & Habitation & Living

The Gallery of the Earth shows home accessories, showpieces and handicraft objects with stone, which are suitable to make the personal environment more inspiring, harmonious and valuable.




Gemstone art

In the Gallery of Earth, you can also marvel at art with gems from around the world

GemSpace - Zee Haag (Tuscon, Arizona)  Artist information



Art in nature - art with nature - art for nature

Great gemstones are imposing witnesses of the earth's history. Earth guardian crystals, stone circles and high-quality designed figures made of natural stone set important energy points in their immediate environment. In the Osterholz you can see the use on several 1000m² outdoor area.

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Images courtesy The Munich Show / Axel Schmidt