Over 40 years on the market + own production in China and Indonesia

Zee Haag: "GemScapes"

"GemScapes" is a novel and unique art form made of transparent and opaque gemstones. GemScapes ("Gemstone Landscapes") touch and move the senses, creating a deeper awareness of the beauties of our planet.

The steel plates used for GemScapes are carefully cut and processed to allow light to pass through the gemstones. In the second step, the motif of the artwork is first sketched and then cut into the steel using specially made tools. Lastly, each individual gemstone is carefully placed in the correct location to best showcase its color and beauty to create a harmonious whole.

The art designer Zee Haag has throughout the creation process of a work of art always the symmetry of shape and color in mind. Thus, from his extensive private collection only selected colorful Tourmaline, opals, amethyst, emeralds and other gemstones are used for the creations.

Each work of art is unique and personally signed by the artist. Due to the unique material, GemScapes will always be and remain unique; each work a priceless artifact, a snapshot of the creation of Mother Earth - ,,Art of the Earth".

Zee Haag is a native of Tuscon, Arizona and was born into a family of well-known mineral collectors. After attending Sunnyside Arts School and Pirna County Community College of Arts in the 1970s, Zee began the lifelong process of combining his enthusiasm for minerals with a love of art. "GemScapes" is the culmination of his career as a prospector, miner, lapidary, tinkerer, gallery owner and artist.