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Rita Koch and Rolf Hunkeler: gemstoneART

Gemstone, minerals, ornaments and symbols unite something mystical in themselves. They fascinate and inspire people for thousands of years. Kings, pharaohs, priests or medicine men from very different cultures used to know all about the benefits and effects. They consciously used their energies and powers in their daily lives. Today, in a time full of hustle and bustle and stress, one remembers again increasingly these special wisdoms and aids and makes them to use.

The idea of the artists, to use the brilliance, radiance and energies of the gemstones for a new kind of art, arose in the summer of 2010. The trigger was the largest gemstone mandala ever laid in Europe, measuring almost 2 x 2m, created especially for the Stone Healing Symposium by Buddhist teacher Lama Tendar Dhongyu. This work of art made of gemstones was exhibited for a while in the gallery of the two artists and delighted the visitors.

With the recurring question of whether such a work of art could not also be created smaller and as a wall decoration, gemstone ART was born in mid-2010 and the first artworks were created. The gemstones and minerals used are crushed by hand in an elaborate process, sifted out and processed in the images.

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