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Gemstone Pendulums

The history of pendulum can be traced back over 4000 years. However you want to use a pendulum - for divination, as an advisor or decision-making aid, or to obtain the answer to a burning question. - a pendulum made of a precious stone is an ideal tool.

Finding the right stone

Which type of stone should your pendulum be made of? It depends on which gemstone you have the best personal connection to when it comes to getting answers to your questions through the intuitive method of pendulums. So, for example, a pendulum of Rock Crystal very well suited for the most neutral, rather factual questions, since the gemstone stands for clarity and neutrality. For matters of the heart and more emotionally colored topics is recommended, for example, the Rose Quartz. If it is about questions from the spiritual realm, the amethyst is recommended as a pendulum stone.

There are three ways to choose the right type of stone for your pendulum:

Which gemstone strikes you spontaneously? - This stone appeals to your psychic area and is good for psychic balance
- Intuitively choosing a stone variety with your eyes closed - The positive sensation the stone gives you when you touch it is also reflected in its effect
- Select according to the stone description -  With this choice option, you can directly access the proven knowledge of the effect of the stone variety.

Proven gemstones for pendulums

Some types of stones are particularly suitable for questions from certain areas due to their effect:

Amethyst - attention, clarification, spirituality

Calcite - energy, self-confidence, optimism

Magnesite - relaxation, patience, listening

Mookaite - flexibility, experience, variety 

Moss agate - liberation, awareness, communication

Petrified wood - groundedness, stability, realism

Rock crystal - enlightenment, clarity, memory

Rose quartz - love, sensitivity, recognizing needs

Schungite - realization, letting go, overcoming

Serpentine - protection, care, support

Tiger's eye - insight, perspective, distance

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Instructions for using the gemstone pendulum

Make sure that you are completely calm and relaxed and concentrate fully on the crystal of the pendulum. Hold the pendulum by the ball at the other end of the chain so that the pendulum hangs freely downwards.

Concentrate your mind on the question that moves you and hold the pendulum in the center of the pendulum card. Wait patiently for the pendulum to move and then read the advice on the section of the card to which the pendulum has pointed.


Cleaning and caring for gemstone pendulums

As with all stones, you should clean and charge the pendulum as soon as you have bought it or received it as a gift. 

After each pendulum session, be sure to "close" your pendulum by thanking the gemstone for its help and letting it know that the session is over.

Clean the pendulum carefully under running water, on a piece of amethyst or with an incense mixture and put it back in its case.

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