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Halite (Salt) - Meaning and Effect

Halite is a good companion for this time, because salt has been attributed since ancient times a protective, cleansing and liberating effect. With the help of Halite, we can come to a life-affirming attitude and free ourselves from the attachments of the past. Negative influences from outside can be recognized and blocked, old patterns of thought and action are dissolved. Thus strengthened, the upcoming decisions can be made powerfully.

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Mineralogical profile of halite

Chemical Formula: NaCl (+ Br,K,Fe,J,Mg as coloring elements)

Mineral Class: Halite sylvin group sodium mineral

Color: colorless, white, pink, orange, reddish, blue, brown and black

Gloss: Vitreous

Crystal system: cubic

: cube-shaped crystals, rarely octahedrons or twins

Moh hardness: 2

Splitability: perfect

: conchoidal

occurrence: Germany, China, Denmark, England, CIS, India, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Austria, Pakistan, Poland, Tibet, USA; commercially available are mainly salt lamps and crystal salt from Pakistan

formation: Primarily at outlets of volcanic gases; secondarily by evaporation in sedimentary deposits of drying lakes and by evaporation of rising groundwater at the surface in desert areas.

Halite, or salt, is a simple compound of the elements sodium and chlorine in a 1:1 ratio and is formed by leaching of water-soluble substances from rocks. Since the metal sodium and the gas chlorine are very soluble, the salt remains in dissolved form in streams, rivers and oceans. There are huge quantities of salt on earth. If all the world's oceans, whose area is 70% of the earth's surface, were to dry up, there would remain a crust of salt about 48m thick covering the ground. The terms "common salt," "rock salt," "crystal salt," "Alexander's salt" or "Halite" all refer to the same substance, only in different forms, with the chemical name sodium chloride (NaCl).

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Salt is essential for life, no living cell, no organism can do without salt. But, as with almost all substances, "the dose makes the poison!". If an adult ingests 30 grams of salt at once, it will cost him his life, because his metabolism will collapse! In the right dosage, however, salt has a positive effect on the entire organism. The Roman scholar and statesman Cassiodorus coined the saying "You can do without gold, but not without salt." For a long time, salt was also called the "white gold", because salt extraction and mining from ancient times to the beginning of modern times was much more elaborate than Today and salt was considered a treasure. In ancient Egypt, only the pharaohs were deprived of salt as an offering, and Roman soldiers were not paid with money but with salt. From this custom comes the obsolete term "salary" for salary. Cities where salt was found and mined in the past came to wealth and prosperity through trade. The addition of "Hall", a word that comes from Celtic and means salt, such as Bad Reichenhall, Schwäbisch Hall and Hallstatt, denotes salt deposits.

Three areas of action are attributed to Halite (rock salt): protection, purification and liberation. Halite helps us to dissolve old programs and attachments. Unconscious behaviors can thus be transformed into conscious actions, which also leads to better protection against external manipulations and influences. Salt is not only an extensively used cleaning agent in the household, it also cleanses the atmosphere of a room. For this purpose, it is best to use the popular salt crystal lamps, which are available in various shades and, in addition to energetically improving the climate of the room, spread a very pleasant soft light. The stay in natural salt caves or artificially created salt rooms (salaria) offers an extensive beneficial spectrum of effects and is now an integral part of the wellness and spa culture. The healing effects of brine baths have been appreciated for thousands of years. Salt is also successfully used for the material and energetic purification of healing stones. It is suitable to neutralize the old information stored in the stone.

Good crystallized Halite steps are popular collector's items. Halite forms beautiful cube-shaped crystals in the rather rare ideal form; however, coarse-crystalline and fine-grained masses are most commonly found. Halite occurs in shades of colorless, white, pink, orange, reddish, blue, brown, and black. For dissolving old thought patterns and habits, halite crystals are particularly well suited as objects for meditation. One formulates the patterns from which one would like to free oneself with a short and precise sentence and repeats this constantly like a mantra. Meanwhile, you let your gaze wander over the crystals, which can lead to the words of the mantra and thus the outdated patterns dissolve.

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