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Salt - a very special mineral!

The use of salt for cleaning and as energetic protection has a long back tradition. For example, in earlier times, the "good room" was swept out with salt to clean the atmosphere of a house from discord, quarrels and disputes. With the help of salt sprinkled into the fire, for example, it should be easier for the souls of the deceased to ascend to heaven. 

But why has salt been used for so long and is it still used today? What fascinates people about salt? A look at the mineral under the aspects of the analytical Steinheilkunde after Michael Gienger provides clarity here: Both its formation, the crystal structure and the minerals it contains make salt a very special mineral.


The origin of salt: secondary

Salt precipitates as so-called evaporation rocks in shallow seas. If by changed boundary conditions the water level sinks, the concentration of the salt dissolved in the water increases steadily, until this then finally crystallizes and precipitates. This can still be observed today, for example, at the large salt lakes in Utah/USA. So the formation of salt is secondary.

Minerals with this principle of formation make clear the cause of patterns and imprintsn and thereby make it possible to overcome and change them. Already achieved and created can be preserved by the energetic effect of the salt, it can be changed and constantly improved.

⇒ Salt preserves what has been achieved and supports changes.


The crystal structure of salt: cubic

Salt - like fluorite, pyrite and other angular-appearing minerals - has a cubic crystal structure. In lithotherapy, cubic minerals represent order, structure, and regularity, but without being persistent, becoming rigid and unyielding. For example, if we have become immobile and inactive due to the dormancy of winter, salt gives us flexibility, freedom and mobility. If we lack orderly structures, because e.g. very much much is happening at the same time, salt supports us in bringing more regularity and order into our lives before everything dissolves and we are in danger of sinking due to trivialities.
⇒ Salt conveys resolution and support at the same time.

The minerals of salt: sodium, chloride

The chemical formula of salt is quite simple: NaCl. The acid component from the chloride (Cl) has a dissolving and liberating effect, the alkali character of the sodium (Na) is protecting and preserving. Fascinating is now with the Halite. the balance in which both substances and thus both qualities of the salt are - by the quantity ratio 1 : 1 opposites are harmonized, salt has a balancing effect.

⇒ Salt brings harmony and balance.

Application of salt

Among the more rarely used ways to experience the power of salt is carrying salt stones, salt as a pocket stone or hand soother, and massages with salt soaps. In modern stone healing, three procedures in particular have been established to use the positive effects of salt:

Laying a salt circle

For a clarifying meditation or for the protection of the house, the laying of a salt circle is very popular. For this, six to twelve salt stones are laid out in a circle in a quiet, undisturbed place. This should be large enough that you can - depending on your preference - sit or lie comfortably in the salt circle.

Placing salt

For energizing the room are suitable salt chunks as well as tea lights and lamps made of salt. The subtle effect of salt is supported in the salt lamps by the aesthetics of the illuminated stone. In some sources it can also be read that the warmth of a switched on salt lamp leads to the fact that ions from the salt rock dissolve and so clean the air or provide for a better room climate (so-called ionization effect). This could not be scientifically proven, however. 

Cleaning of stones in salt

Popular is also the the removal of foreign energies through salt, for example, with stones that have been used for gemstone massage. Here it should be noted that there is no direct contact between salt and stone to prevent chemical interactions. This is easily accomplished by placing the stone to be cleaned in a glass dish and then placing the dish in a bowl filled with salt.

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