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Chrysoprase - Meaning and effect of the gemstone

Chrysoprase gives us the experience that we too are a part of a greater whole - be it the cosmos, family, circle of friends, or another human community. Even if we do not have an overview of the totality, we can still enjoy its security and protection. The stone helps us to recognize burdensome  ways of acting, which disturb the harmonious togetherness. With its help, we can examine our actions and thought patterns and learn to pay more attention to the positive aspects.

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Mineralogical profile chrysoprase

Chemical formula: SiO2

Mineral Class: oxide, quartz group.

Origin: secondary, in weathering masses of nickel deposits, as nodules and fissure fillings

Color: apple green, color due to nickel

Gloss: waxy gloss to matte.

Crystal system: trigonal

Mohs hardness: 6.5 to 7

Splitability: no splitability, conchoidal fracture, rough, brittle.

Source, main supplying countries: Australia, Brazil, Russia

Appearance: dense and homogeneous aggregates

Use: Chrysoprase has been known as a jewelry and decorative stone for thousands of years

In gemstone astrology, it is used to purify the soul life in Virgo-born people and to impart impartiality in Scorpio-born people.


You can find our wholesale assortment of items made of Chrysoprase, such as tumbled stones, chain strands and jewelry, here in the web store.



Colors of Chrysoprase

The colors of Chrysoprase are green, apple green, pale green and yellow green. The highest quality stones shine in intense rich apple green and belong to the upper price range as gemstones. Caution. The beautiful color can fade under the influence of sunlight and heat fade, because water is withdrawn from it. Therefore, it is good to store Chrysoprase moist from time to time, for example, on moistened absorbent cotton.

Name Chrysoprase and Synonyms

The name Chrysoprase comes from the Greek "chrysos" = gold and "prason" = leek, so it means "gold leek". In ancient times and in the Middle Ages the term Chrysoprase was used for various green stones, since the 18th century is Since the 18th century it has been used to refer to chalcedony, which is colored green by nickel. A misleading synonym for Chrysoprase, fortunately rarely found, is South Pacific Jade. The name "lemon Chrysoprase" is usually used to refer to the yellow-green Nickel Magnesite is designated.

Historical facts and lore about Chrysoprase

One of the most important finding place for Chrysoprase was in former times with Frankenstein in Silesia, which is in the meantime however completely exhausted. From this mine come the Chrysoprases that adorn the Chapel of St. Wenceslas at Prague Castle. 

For the Egyptians, it was a protective stone against the plague and the "blackish Aspis", a poisonous snake. In ancient times, Chrysoprase was assigned to Venus, the goddess of love. However, here is not meant the physical love and sensuality, but the "highest heavenly love of truth", as Emmanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) expressed it. Chrysoprase is described in the Revelation of John as the tenth of the twelve foundation stones of the city wall of the New Jerusalem.

Applications of Chrysoprase in gemstone healing

Stone healing attributes the following properties to Chrysoprase: It gives confidence and security in oneself and supports independence from external attention. Chrysoprase helps to alleviate jealousy and lovesickness and conveys the experience of being part of a greater whole. The green stone promotes presence of mind and draws attention to the apparent coincidences through which the activity of the spiritual world can be recognized. Chrysoprase helps to recognize egoistic Motives in one's own actions and to examine one's own way of acting.
Hildegard von Bingen writes about the stone: "Chrysoprase grows at the hour when the sun is no longer visible, because then air and water increasingly get a cloudy and greenish color. Therefore this stone has a special power at night, when the moon is strengthened by the sun, so when it is already half full, but not yet full." Hildegard recommends the stone for various ailments; it is also said to be able to cast out demons.
In gemstone wellness, Chrysoprase is integrated into numerous detox applications. It is said to help let go and thus cleanse and clear. Chrysoprase is often perceived as refreshing and invigorating and is a component of both the Water Stones and the oil blend "Fountain of Youth" from the concept of Gemstone Balance by Monika Grundmann. Chrysoprase should be worn directly on the body or applied as a Drum or Smooth Stone. Also as a component of mixtures for the production of gemstone water and as a massage stone for Applications has proven the gemstone.

Chakras and Astrology

Chrysoprase is associated with the fourth, the heart chakra. Astrologically, it best suits the sign Cancer, to which it can sharpen the senses and make the unconscious conscious.

You can find our wholesale assortment of items made of Chrysoprase, such as tumbled stones, chain strands and jewelry, here in the web store.