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Gemstones for Candlemas (February 2nd)

From time immemorial, February 2 has been the day of new beginnings, change and new beginnings. Traditionally, the Christmas season ends on this day - 40 days after Christ's birth on Christmas Eve. In Catholic-majority areas, it was customary to leave the nativity scene up until February 2.

From as early as the 7th century, processions of lights have been held on February 2; candles were blessed beforehand. The religious meaning has changed again and again over the centuries - so the  "Presentation of the Lord" was celebrated, at other times February 2 was dedicated to the purification of Mary. Always remained the same, however, the symbolism of light and a new beginning. 
February 2 also had a meaning in agriculture, because on this day the working year ended. People stopped working in artificial light and work in the fields resumed after the winter break. The maids and farmhands were paid their wages and given a few days off to move to a new job. Candlemas was thus the beginning of a new period, the departure into something new.


He who stays on the coast cannot discover new oceans.
Ferdinand Magellan (1485 - 1521)
To harness the power and message of this special day, we have put together three matching gems for you:
Chrysoprase - Letting Go and Cleansing
Apatite - Motivation and Drive
Carnelian - Courage and Drive

Chrysoprase - Letting Go and Cleansing

To be free and ready for something new, it is often necessary to free yourself from old and outdated things, behaviors and thought patterns. Here, the Chrysoprase can offer a good support - whether in a cleansing massage, as a gemstone bracelet that reminds you to let go in everyday life or in the form of a simple Tumbled Stone as a hand charmer

Apatite - Motivation and Drive

Particularly after the darkest months of the year, it is often difficult to tackle new tasks and projects again. Against the apathy of winter, apatite can be a good companion to get going with determination and motivation. As a flat drilled cabochon, as a Small Palmstone for the pocket or incorporated into an individual gemstone necklace can accompany the apatite through everyday life and help through one or the other motivation low.

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Carnelian - courage and drive

Sometimes it's not so easy to get over yourself and start something new - this is where courage, steadfastness and a positive attitude are needed. When things don't go as planned, Carnelian helps to overcome difficulties. Whether as a pendant on an important conclusions, as a drilled stone part or as a large tumbled stone in the stone circle - let the Carnelian encourage you to put your plans into action!

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