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Stone of the Month July 2021: Rock Crystal

The middle of the year is now in sight. Everything goes its way, satisfaction about achieved goals sets in. Won realizations lead into growth and success, already achieved becomes visible for one, but also for visible to others. Now is the time to lay the foundations for a good and long-term development, while nature continues to grow, blossom  and thrive  - everything is full of Joie de vivre.

Rock Crystal provides the clarity and neutrality needed now. With an alert eye and sharpened mind, developments and successes can be considered and checked, to what extent these correspond to their own person and the personal point of view. The memory of past and forgotten things is strengthened, so that that what has already happened in the past can be included in the current decisions. Lost abilities Are brought back to consciousness by the Rock Crystal.

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Scientific Profile Rock Crystal

Chemical formula: SiO2 + (Na,K,Cl,S,O)

Mineral class: (almost). pure crystal quartz of the mineral class of oxides

Color: colorless, clear, with few opacities and inclusions

Gloss: glassy

Crystal system: trigonal

Moh hardness: 7

Splitability: none or imperfect. parallel to the rhombohedron surface, fracture: conchoidal

occurrence: Rock Crystal is found almost everywhere in the world, e.g. in Algeria, Ethiopia, Brazil, Germany, China (Tibet), Ecuador, France, Russia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Peru, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, Tanzania, USA. The Rock Crystals on the market are mostly from Brazil, China, Madagascar and the USA.

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Growth forms of Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal grows in a variety of forms. There are derby rough pieces, which do not show peaks. If the crystal forms peaks, the basic shape consists of hexagonal prisms. Often there are grown together groups of a large number of crystals. Particularly well-known growth forms are:

window quartz: When quartz crystals grow very fast in supersaturated solutions, this takes place this in particular along the crystal edges. Thus, the edges grow faster than the deeper surfaces of the crystal, so that a hollow space is formed. In this cavity, quartz disks grow again from the protruding edges. quartz disks, which gave the window quartz its name. Typical are therefore the trapezoidal surfaces at the tip of the crystal, some of which have angular depressions. Mineralogically the window quartz belongs to the Skeletal quartz; in the American stone medicine after Katrina Raphaell this form is called also Elestials called.

In Phantom Quartz the crystal growth occurred in several interrupted phases. After the crystal has continued to grow at a later point in time, the earlier growth section as "phantom", so to speak as "stone in the stone",

Doppelender arise, if at both sides of the prism peaks form. form. The most well-known form with the double-tenders are the Herkimer quartz or also Herkimer Diamond called. These are clear, mostly small double-ender crystals, which take their name the original place of discovery Herkimer (state New York). In the meantime there are also significantly cheaper double-enders from Pakistan can be found in the trade.

F Faden Quartz are crystals with fibrous single or bundled white threads in the clear quartz. The beautiful shape of the quartz is formed by tectonic opening of fissures and is an expression of mountain building in the Himalayas. Each piece is a Unique!

Needle quartz are fine thin and needle-like crystals, which are mainly found in China are found.

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Application and effect of Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal is unsurpassed in its variety of applications. Due to its purity and clarity and the absence of foreign coloring or clouding substances, it sharpens our clear perception and knowledge of ourselves.

What belongs to their own identity and what is through external influences such as upbringing and imprinting been put on? In this questioning, the Rock Crystal can be a very good helper for us. Primal memories can be awakened and thus it is possible for us to go a development that corresponds to our own innermost inner being.

If we constantly deviate from the knowledge of our inner truth in the everyday life design of our inner truth, disturbances can occur. Here, the Rock Crystal helps us to uncover causes and Connections uncover, which have led to the disturbance.

Hildegard von Bingen Attributed to the Rock Crystal a wide range of effects, which was also confirmed by modern stone medicine. An excerpt from the writings of the wise Klosterfrau on the effects of Rock Crystal can be found here in our podcast.

In addition to using Rock Crystal as a gemstone in all its variations, beautifully formed crystals are popular collector's items, whose value is determined by the clarity and the well-formed, undamaged tip. The crystal tips can have many different shapes, according to which the individual application depends. The use of the different Rock Crystal points is described in Michael Gienger's "Encyclopedia of healing stones" described in detail.

Rock Crystal as an effect amplifier


On other stones and their individual vibrations, the Rock Crystal acts as an amplifier and can be and can therefore be combined excellently, which is particularly useful in all kinds of jewelry and energizing Water Stones mixtures to use.

Cleanse, Recharge & Protect with Rock Crystal


After a mechanical and energetic cleaning of stones used as jewelry or healing stones, it is recommended to charge them with fresh energy. Rock Crystal is excellent for this purpose. After the stone has been cleaned under running water, place it for a few hours in an amethyst jar or in a pile of small hematite stones. Hematite tumbled stones to free it from foreign programming and old energetic attachments. and old energetic attachments. Then, by placing the stone on a Rock Crystal cluster, a single large Rock Crystal or on small tumbled stones to give it a fresh boost of energy.

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The World's Largest Rock Crystals

The largest rock crystal group is located in the Riedenburg Crystal Museum and weighs 7.8 tons. Their Dimension is about 2 x 3 m with a maximum height of 1.80 m. The fantastic piece from Arkansas (USA) is the centerpiece of the Heart of the collection and attracts every year numerous visitors to the Crystal Museum Riedenburg


The largest single Rock Crystal was found in Minas Gerais (Brazil). It weighs 7.5 tons and can be in the crystal spa in Stein near Nuremberg can be marveled at.

"Rock Crystal" - Name and Synonyms

Rock Crystal goes back to the Greek word "krystallos" (ice, ice cold), because according to ancient conception Rock Crystal was frozen ice, which could not thaw. In the course of the 18th century the prefix "mountain" was added, since the term "crystal" was meanwhile also used for a Natural growth form of various minerals was used.

Synonyms for Rock Crystal in general include mountain ice, ray, and water drop quartz. Misleading are occasionally in the Trade to be found designations that Rock Crystal as Diamond designate, for example, Arkansas Diamond, Schaumburg Diamond, German Diamond, or Pseudo-Diamond. As Rhine pebbles one calls Rock Crystal river pebbles of alpine origin.

Widespread are names for the various forms in which Rock Crystal can grow.

Rock Crystal and Other Quartz


Quartz consists of the elements silicon and oxygen (chem. formula SiO2) primarily by hydrothermal Formation from pure silica solution. After the Feldspar group, quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth's crust. In its pure form, as Rock Crystal, it is formed only under ideal conditions and over periods of several million years. By intercalation of traces of metals in the crystal lattice and physical processes arise numerous other representatives of the quartz group. Among the best known are:

Amethyst -. Purple quartz (Fe4+)

Citrine - yellow-gold quartz (FeOOH, sometimes also Al3+ and Li+or H+)

Rose Quartz -. Pink quartz (various causes)

Smoky Quartz - brown-black quartz

The designations Aqua Aura and Angel Aura describe with gold or platinum vaporized Rock Crystal, which receives a colored shimmer through this treatment. Aqua Aura and Angel Aura are especially popular as jewelry, Tumbled Stones or polished tops.

Rock Crystal in Buddhism


In Buddhism, whose branch of Vajirayana (one of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, also called Diamond-vehicle called) is based in the Himalayas, Rock Crystal has always been a prized stone for meditation, Rituals and ceremonies, both as a raw crystal, as well as for Malas (chain of prayer beads).

From Rock Crystal artfully crafted Dorjes (also called Vajiras) are among the most famous Symbols and objects in Buddhism. The Dorje, whose meaning can be described approximately with "diamond scepter" is the symbol of the diamond-like purity of the unclouded mind. Like a clear Diamond, unsurpassed in hardness and purity, the mind should be, so that it can conquer all obstacles. Dorjes were also to the equipment of Tibetan doctors.

Rock Crystal in the Chakra System


Due to its neutral quality, Rock Crystal is basically suitable for all chakras. Especially appreciated is Rock Crystal but as a chakra stone for the forehead chakra (identity, spiritual path, awareness and development) and the nose chakra (clarity, instinct, inner knowledge).

Rock Crystal is the stone of awareness and purity. He clarifies the own personality parts and Helps to come closer to their own inner truth. Pragmatic approaches to upcoming tasks are supported. supported.

Stars and Stones


Astrologically, Rock Crystal is assigned to the Capricorn. The stone supports by its clarity and neutrality the characteristic properties of the zodiac sign: perseverance, discipline and willpower on the way to perfection. Also to other signs of the zodiac the Rock Crystal is especially in the first Capricorn decade (22.12. - 31.12.) a good companion, when the prevailing themes of the time are the creation of clear Structures and attention to the essentials are.


Crystal singing bowls


The crystal singing bowls consisting of 99.99 percent pure quartz are a special feature. For the production the quartz is melted at a temperature of over 2000 ° Celsius and brought by centrifuging in shell form by centrifugation. These bowls are rubbed or gently struck with a leather-covered rod. They produce a very pure, intense and penetrating sound, which lasts for a long time and can be heard outdoors for several hundred outdoors. Depending on the size and strength, each crystal singing bowl produces a different sound, transmits its energetic information on a different frequency. Crystal singing bowls are most often used for sound therapy purposes or as a Meditation accompaniment.

Quartz and silicon - applications in industry


For industry, quartz is one of the most important minerals and is used as a building material and as a raw material for the Ceramics, Glass and Cement manufacturing. Synthetically produced quartz is used in electronic circuits and Quartz watches as clocks.

In jewelry making, pure silicon (Si) is now a very popular material. The shimmering surfaces set interesting accents, for example, in necklaces and bracelets; silicon is also popular. More Information and articles here