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Why is there no best before date on salt boxes?

Have you ever wondered why there is no best-before date on salt boxes?

In this post, you'll learn the story behind this fact.

Natural salts such as sea salt or pure table salt do not require a best-before date due to their natural preservation abilities. Additive-free salts have an almost unlimited shelf life.

The need for a best-before date only arises when additives such as iodine, herbs or fluoride are added to the salt. Even after the expiration date, you do not have to dispose of these products, as the shelf life of the salt is still guaranteed. Only the additives can lose in the course of time in effect and flavor.

The spreadability and shelf life of salt depend greatly on how it is stored. Salt can attract moisture and then clump if it is not protected from übermä&airborne;moisture. Therefore, salt should be stored in a dry place, preferably in the refrigerator, and the container or jar should be tightly closed. This not only protects against moisture, but also preserves the flavors of the salts.

If your salt still clumps, you can usually loosen it up gently with a fork and continue to use it.