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Stone of the month

For each month of the year, we choose a suitable stone that picks up and supports the special quality of these weeks. What is going on in nature, in the life of plants and animals? What special challenges we humans face?

For example, apatite is a good stone for the month of March, as it effectively helps us out of the apathy of winter with its power, while the colorful Andean Opal gives joy of life and cheerfulness in December, which is sometimes rather gloomy.

Stones of the month for the year 2024:

January: Shattuckite

February: Serpentine

March: Opal

April: Calcite

May: Garnet

June: Azurite Malachite

July: Magnesite

August: Lapis Lazuli

September: Jasper

October: Phosphosiderite

November: Onyx and sardonyx

December: Topaz

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